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A program that can be added to Excel to provide enhanced functionality.
Binding constraint
A constraint that solver enforces to reach the target value.
Changing variable cell
A cell containing a variable whose value changes until solver optimizes the value in the objective cell.
A limitation that imposes restrictions on a spreadsheet model as solver determines the optimum value for the objective
Goal seek
A tool that identifies the necessary input value to obtain a desired goal.
Nonbinding constraint
A constraint that does not restrict the target value that solver finds.
Objective cell
The cell that contains the formula-based value that you want to maximize, minimize, or set to a value in solver.
One-variable data table
A data analysis tool that provides various results based on changing one variable.
Optimization model
A model that finds the highest, lowest, or exact value for one particular result by adjusting values for selected variables.
A set of values that represent a possible situation.
Scenario Manager
A tool that enables you to define and manage scenarios to compare how they affect results.
Scenario summary report
A worksheet that contains the scenarios, their input values, and their respective results from using scenario Manager.
An add-in application that manipulates variables based on constraints to find the optimal solution to a problem.
Substitution value
A value that replaces the original value of a variable in a data table.
Two-variable data table
A data analysis tool that provides results based on changing two variables.
A value that you can change to see how that change affects other values.