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"The research is clear: rereading a text doesn't work as well as taking a test over the material."

- Miguel Guhlin from TechNotes Blog

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Explore thousands of notes.

Browse the over one thousand student and teacher-contributed notes for popular textbooks and subjects.

Take notes for volunteering hours or money.

Apply and become a KnowtTaker to earn volunteer hours for writing notes that students around the world can study from. If you’re a teacher or a college student, earn money instead!
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All notes have flashcards and quizzes.

Knowt automatically generates flashcards and quizzes from every note. You upload the note, we give you extra ways to study.

Knowt makes teaching and learning easy.

Knowt's Teacher Platform lets you spend less time making assignments and more time teaching. Make assignments from any of your notes or the thousands of notes available on our platform.
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Knowt goes where you go.

Download Knowt on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and take learning with you wherever you go. Find notes, take quizzes, and study flashcards from anywhere.