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An app that automatically turns your notes into review quizzes, flashcards, and assignments.

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We believe there is a better way to learn.
Knowt was created by students, for students. We started Knowt in High School, and have since grown the company to 30+ members. As a team consisting of mostly students, we're on a mission to improve the way all students learn.
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A new tool for teachers
With the new Knowt Teacher Platform, set up your class online, send students assignments, and analyze class performance all in one spot.
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Import your handwritten notes
Prefer to write out your notes? Don’t let that stop you from reviewing them with Knowt.
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Knowt Product Image
Flashcards made instantly from your notes
On top of being able to create a review quiz for yourself, Knowt now automatically creates flashcards from your notes that you can flip through on the go.
Quiz yourself anytime, anywhere.
Review your notes with a customized quiz at home, during class, right before an exam, or even on the bus.
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Knowt Product Image
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