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John O'Sullivan
coined the term "manifest destiny"
political belief of gaining more territory
end goal of manifest destiny
control all of North America
racist idea that your race is superior
people that migrated West
Narcissa Whitman
first white women to cross rockies without wagon - showed everyone that it was possible
fur trappers
mountain men
Hudson Bay Co
british company associated with fur trade
rocky mountain fur co
US company associated with fur trade
rendezvous system
trade fairs where fur pelts were sold for guns, supplies, and booze (various ethnic groups gathered)
election of 1844
Clay v Polk
Henry Clay
Whig, moderate
oregon fever
passion for cheap land in the west, wagon train migration to oregon
fifty-four forty or fight
1844 slogan: wanted boundary of oregon to be higher up and closer to alaska
49th parallel
oregon border
why did polk give up on oregon?
california was his ultimate goal
Santa Fe Trail
major trade route
stephen f. austin
brought the first Americans to texas; empresario
land agents that sold land in texas for hella cheap
US govt response to Santa Anna's laws
The Alamo
battle became symbol of
treaty of velasco
Texan independence
lone star republic
texas before it was accepted into the union
john slidell
negotiates with mexico
us want texas boundary
rio grande
mexico want texas boundary
general zachary taylor
sent to rio grande to pick a fight
spot resolution
Lincoln wants to know the exact spot where people were attacked
wilmot proviso
make mexican cession free
treaty of guadalupe-hidalgo
ends mexican american war
gold discovered at his mill
obstacle to mormon statehood
aroostock war
border dispute over mainew
webster-ashburton treaty
US gets iron ore fields in minnesota, enlarges maine
gadsten purchase
small strip of land purchased from mexico with the intention of building a railroad
clayton-bulwer treaty
canal through central america
election of 1848
Cass v Taylor
1848 third party
free soil
free soil party
opposed to the extension of slavery
free soil consisted of
conscience whigs
fire eaterw
"i come to you not as a northerner but as an american"
webster's speech
william seward
uncle tom's cabin themes
love of christianity can overcome the horrors of slavery
Aunt phillis' cabin
slaves treated better than depicted in UTC
hinton helper
writes about how slavery is terrible for the South's economy
ostend manifesto
franklin pierce tries to buy cuba
armed expeditions sent to carribbean countries to establish future slave states
kansas-nebraska act
divide kansas and nebraska into 2
stephen douglas
wants popular sovereignty and transcontinental railroad
border ruffians
came from missouri to vote illegally
emigrant aid company
abolitionist organization that funded the settlement of K-N territory in order to sway vote against slavery
lecompton constitution
abolitionist town burned
pottawatomie creek massacre
john brown's response to the burning of lawrence
charles sumner
"crimes against kansas" - compares slavery to a whore
preston brooks
canes sumner
republican party
sectional combination of free-soilers, northern whigs, barnburners, liberty partya
american party
nativists, opposed irish and chinese immigration
dred scott ruling
slaves not citizens, no right to sue
panic of 1857
inflation bc of california gold, overspeculation
tariff of 1857
lowered duties by 20%
freeport doctrine
douglas screws himself over and splits the democrats by saying he supports popular sovereignty over dred scott ruling
harper's ferry
john brown starts a slave rebellion by giving slaves weapons
john brown
hanged and seen as martyr in the north
first state to secede
South carolina
how many seceded
seven deep south states
fort sumter
union soldiers refuse to surrender the fort
anti-slavery constitution in kansas