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enlightenment, american revolution, french revolution

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years of enlightenment
late 17th - 18th century
which period was between the renaissance and enlightenment?
scientific revolution
what was the main motto of the scientific revolution?
the world works due to natural laws, not gods laws
influential scientist during the scientific revolution
Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Copernicus
one thing that stayed the same during both the middle ages and enlightenment
there were strong kingdoms
rationality/experience secularism natural law individualism urbanism industrialism free trade progress
period of enlightenment
more infrastructure for housing and services
an increasing prevalation of industries
natural law
nature goes by its own laws and is not governed by god
dogmatism superstition strict moral principles obedience divine right serfdom agriculture
middle ages
divine right
god chooses roles in society
who was John Locke?
British philosopher who believed in the toleration of different religions and didn't believe in divine right
John Locke's contribution to child psychology
TABULA RASA- a child has an empty mind and everything it learns is learnt by experience
what was Montesquieu 's contribution ?
division of power
legislative power
parliament/congress is elected and makes or changes laws
executive power
ministers + prime minister/senate that enforce laws and are responsible for the government
judicial power
the courts
centers of enlightenment
Vienna, Paris, London, Berlin, Boston, Philadelphia
are civil liberties a consequences of enlightenment?
-reason over belief -more experience (trade, spread of languages, criticism of ideas) -political & social change
legacy of enlightenment
years of American revolution
1775 - 1783
how many colonies were there in America?
income of the colonies in the south
income of the colonies in the east
fishing, industry, whales, rum, lumber
the colonies could trade with everyone true or false?
why were the colonies unhappy?
no representation in the government of the mother country
what was the first colony and when was it established
Virginia, 1607
impact of French & Indian war
huge war expenses which were expected to be payed by the colonists in the form of taxes
year of French & Indian war
1754 - 1763
the stamp act
all papers had to have the British stamp, taxation of tea and sugar
year of Boston tea party
what is the origin of the Boston tea party's name?
threw tea into the ocean
motto of American colonists
no taxation without representation
the foundation of the American parliament
Continental congress 1774/5
who were the patriots?
wanted to be separate from Britain, fought in the American army and organized boycotts and protests
people who worked for the king or benefitted for the status quo, some went back to Britain and some fought in the British army
the loyalists
what year was the declaration of independence signed?
the person who signed the declaration of independence
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
first Us president, elected in 1789
victory of American and French forces over the English
outcome of american revolution
boost of economy,, beginning of capitalism, spread of revolutionary ideas, causes French revolution
year of US constitution
the federal system
-three branches of government -one president -each state has its own government
10 amendments protecting the basic rights of citizens
the Bill of rights
conservative side in US government
federalists - later republicans
liberals in US government
anti- federalists - later Democrats
in total how many amendments are there?
the French were a developed society true or false?
true, they had culture and participated in trade
merchants, bankers, intelectuals
what was the ruling dynasty in France?
Bourbon dynasty
Marquis la Fayette
French general who supported ideas of enlightenment
causes of French revolution
-ideas of enlightenment -American revolution -non-functional absolute monarchy -weak regime of Louise XVI -poor people -lack of food -French people are violent because they are stupid and illiterate
third estate
bourgeoisie , 80% of population
first estate
clergy, 1% of population
second estate
nobility, 2% of population
who created the national assembly?
third estate
which events happened in 1789
tennis court oath
a promise to create a new constitution
symbols of French revolution
- liberte, eglie, fratenite - cockarde -tricolor flag - new French anthem
what year was the first french constitution created
an election based on wealth, status and education
census election
what were the three parties in the legislative assembly?
opportunists, conservatives, radicals
what happened after the royal family tried to escape?
they were discovered, children went into families, king + queen jailed for 1.5 years
national assembly becomes ...
National Convention
who holds majority in national convention?
the Jacobine club
what year was the french republic declared
who was prime minister in 1792
Maximilien Robespierre``````````````````````````````````
year of execution of the king
reign of terror
the period of Robespierre's rule
cult of reason
the religion of Robespierre
who was part of the coalition against france?
Prussia, Russia, Austria (Habsburgs) , UK, Spain, Italy
which new things did Robespierre introduce?
Committee of public safety committee of general safety new calendar new religion
how was the reign of terror ended?
with coup of 9thermidore, Robespierre executed without trial
what came after the reign of terror?
the directory
who ended the directory
Napoleon Bonaparte
legacy of the french revolution
civic society dictatorship spreading of liberal ideas
declaration of the rights of man
coup de Brumaire
coup by NB to end the directory
what government system did NB establish in 1799
the three consuls
which countries were against NB in 1799
austria, russia UK
what year was the Napoleonic code established
when did NB crown himself emperor
what was napoleons school system for?
creation of loyal government officials & tax collectors
which colony does the US buy from France
who won in the battle of Trafalgar (1805)
the UK - admiral Nelson
who did NB conquer by 1805
Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden
what was the continental system?
a naval blockade that stopped trade between the British and everyone else
what happened in Russia in 1812
the Russians used the burn and run technique that led to most of NB's army dyeing
which battle happened during 1813 that NB lost
battle of Liepzing
island that NB first got exiled to
Napoleon's last battle
battle of Waterloo 1815
where did NB die?
Island of St. Helena
what are the dates of the Vienna Congress
Nov 1814 - June 1815
what iss the Congress of Vienna's nickname?
the congress that did not move, it danced
Clemens von Metternich
leader of the Congress of Vienna
who were the most influential country at the Congress of Vienna
GB, Russia, Prussia, Austria
who replaced NB in France
Louis the XVIII