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What entities helped investors pool their money to support a settlement in the new world?
Joint Stock Companies
What settlement was formed by 3 ships from the Virginia Company sailing up a coastal river?
Under what system were workers lured to work in Jamestown with the promise of a paid voyage and 50 acres of land?
Headright System
What group of people did John Smith persuade to provide his settlement with food?
The Powhatans
What was the name of the high-quality tobacco that was mixed by John Rolfe to export to Europe?
Brown Gold
What member of the Powhatan Nation married John Rolfe of Jamestown?
What entity served as the first representative body in America?
House of Burgess
What Jamestown governor levied taxes on poor white settlers, creating hostility?
Sir William (Lord) Berkley
Disgusted by the turmoil in Virginia in 1624, King James I revoked the joint stock company's charter, and made Virginia this?
Royal Colony
Who made Nathanial Bacon (mattybraps??) rebel against Jamestown because they wouldn't support raising an Army to fight the Native Americans?
Governor Berkley
The Puritans emigrated to create a new model society, unlike the Jamestown Colonists who were only interested in...
_________, known as separatists, fled from England in 1620 to escape religious prosecution
______ was the second permanent English colony in North America
The Massachusetts Bay Colony had _______ as its capital
________ stated that the purpose of the their government in America was to frame , in part, "just and equal laws".
Mayflower Compact
What stated that "Forced religion stinks in the nostrils of God"?
Roger Williams
Native Americans needed more land than the colonists to...
Hunt, Fish, and Farm
What war resulted from English settlers invoking Puritan Laws on the Wampanoag Nation?
King Phillips War
What Religious Leader was banished by the Puritans for preaching that worshipers didn't the need church to interpret the Bible for them?
Anne Hutchinson
Clashes between settlers and Native Americans occurred, in part, because Native Americans did not recognize _______
Land Treaties
______ was the transfer of plants, animals, diseases, and people between the Americas and Asia, Africa, and Europe
Columbian Exchange
________ is the trade of raw materials from the Americas to Europe, manufactured goods from Europe to Africa, and slaves from Africa to the Americas
Triangular Trade
_____ are unprocessed natural resources (like wood, cotton, food crops, and metals)
Manufactured Goods
______ are crops grown on large farms in large amounts meant for trade, such as tobacco and sugar cane
Cash Crops
_____ was the trip slaves were forced to take from Africa to the Americas. Conditions were horrible and many died of diseases, starvation, and abuse
Middle Passage
______ was an economic practice of European colonial powers that used colonies for the benefit of the mother country
What were the original 13 colonies?
Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island
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What were the original colonies divided into?
New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern
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What natural land barrier acted as a border for the colonies and prevented them from exploring the west?
The Appalachian Mountains
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What people were "half-way between slavery and freedom?"
Indentured Servants
The main reason that food production differed among Native American societies was because of their ________.
_____________ was a pyramid that ranked how developed a community was based on how many basic needs each community met.
Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs
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How long did people live in North America before Columbus?
10,000 years
What did the Native Americans likely use to cross into North America?
The Bering Strait
Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, the estimate for the Native American population before 1942 was ___________.
10 million to 100 million
The first major conflict between the Native Americans and the colonists was the _______ War. 500-600 Native Americans died.