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Where is the initial social interaction of adolescents experienced?
A pictorial display of a family. It is a family diagram showing at least 3 generations in a family above you
It allows you to explore the quality of relationships and behavioral patterns across generations and gives you a clearer understanding of yourself
It is a detailed graphical representation of family relationships
Healthy and strong parent-adolescent attachment
Underlines positive changes or transitions
Family issues
- Family trauma - Changes in circumstances - Birth Order - Sibling rivalry - Feelings of being misunderstood and unloved
Coherence, Communication, Organization, Values and Beliefs, Excellence, Resolution of Conflicts and Issues
United Nations Youth Agenda
Young People Everywhere... - Have aspirations and participate fully in the lives of their societies - Are key agents for social change, economic development, and technological innovation - Should live under conditions that encourage their imagination, ideals, energy, and vision to flourish to the benefit of their societies
Personal and familiar setting
Formal setting where there are rules and regulations
Informal setting where one can freely join organizations that one is passionate about
A process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal; it is an interactive process
Nuclear family
This is the traditional family structure composed of a mother, a father, and children
Single parent family
Where one parent is left to fend for their children alone, either due to the death of a spouse, separation, divorce, or having decided to raise one's family alone
Extended family
When a nuclear family is joined by another set of family or relatives
Childless family
When a couple lives together without children
When two people who remarry bring with them their existing families from a previous union
Grandparent family
When a nuclear family is joined by parents whether from one partner or both. This could mean maternal parents or paternal parents joining the family.
Collectivist culture
Refers to the way parents in most Asian, Latin, and African rural and indigenous societies promote developmental goals that are relationship-oriented
Article XV, Section I
Where in the constitution of the Philippines expresses the objective definition of the family
Basic unit of society
Primary operational unit in the community and society
The importance of developing ________ for self-motivation, "creativity, leadership, altruism, and civic engagement."
Development of Social, Intellectual, and Vocational ________ for autonomy, agency, and mastery
Rural communities
Found in the countryside or farmland or fishing communities. These communities have big land spaces and neighbors usually live far from each other
Urban Communities
Can be found in cosmopolitan areas and cities where lots of people live and you can find varied occupations. many of the residents here are mitgrants who have settled here.
Located far away from cities but are well developed. The population is usually fewer than in cities but people here enjoy the same perks as living in the city
A key part of adolescent development and are caused by differences in biological, psychological, and societal factors
Personal relationships
Refer to close connections between people formed by emotional bonds and interactions
Peer interaction
Hits a peak in terms of importance during adolescence stage
Lifeblood of any relationship
A skill everyone needs to learn to better equip themselves to be a master in whatever one plans to do
Planning, performance, reflection
Self-regulation requires three stages:
Takes place when you set up your goals and standards to be achieved every time you perform a certain task
Refers to being mindful when you are actually engaged with the learning experience. This includes monitoring your learning, usually comparing one's progress against standards set in the planning phase
Takes place when you think about and evaluate your learning experience. This includes reflecting on feedback and mentally storing ideas and concepts to use for future learning
Ultimate lawgiver
leads to self-mastery
Attraction or Infatuation
Intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something
Attraction or Infatuation
Not based on the slow cultivation and nurturing of genuine care and sincere friendship for the other
Attraction or Infatuation
This alone cannot sustain love
An intense feeling of deep affection or a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone
"The decision to will the good of another person" (St. Thomas Aquinas)
"Involves a sincere gift of oneself to others" (St. John Paul II)
"Deeds not sweet words" (St. Josemaria Escriva)
Attraction, dating, courtship, exclusivity
Stages of a loving and committed romantic relationship
Is a gift that you have been blessed with from the moment you were created (from your conception until your natural death)
The actualization of your inherent purpose based on the natural gifts of your physical body as manifested through your actions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Is one's femininity or masculinity-- how you related with yourself and with others
Balanced by improving one's self-understanding-managing your emotions, processing your thoughts, being mindful of your actions and improving your decision-making skills for your own personal growth and development
Is understanding what one's purpose is for each stage of life and working towards achieving one's goal to fulfill that purpose
The Marital Act
The sexual act that is a gift to be enjoyed within the bounds of marriage as intended by God
The Marital Act
The fulfillment of the sexuality of man and woman created and conceived to share oneself to each other to achieve their UNITIVE and PROCREATIVE purpose in marriage
This is practiced through MODESTY and ABSTINENCE in young people, in order to prepare for a later vocation of marriage and family life if that is what they are called to fulfill in life
Good habits that young people can develop over time, as opposed to vices
Dispositions to behave in the right manner and as a means between extremes of deficiency and excess, which are vices (Aristotle)
Firm habits of doing what is good
Not only doing, but delighting in and desiring what is true, good, and beautiful
Part of one's life that involves being employed or working
For an older person, the collective jobs that they have undertaken
A lifelong process and involves career development
Career Development
Involves a series of processes that develop one's work, profession, occupation, or vocation
What we can do for others where we get paid
Jobs + Finding opportunities for ourselves
A vocation
Gives you money for the work you render
What you do for others
What you do for yourself
Founded on a person's self perception. They my feel that they have a personal and emotional connection with their work; they have a sense of purpose in their work and as such are the ones most satisfied with their professional work
A calling for a particular way of living, from the Latin word "vocare" which means 'to call'.
Desire to become the most that one can be
Respect, self-esteem, status, recognition, strength, freedom
Love and belonging
Friendship, intimacy, family, sense of connection
Safety needs
Personal security, employment, resources, health, property
Physiological needs
Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, reproduction
Preference, Interest, Aptitude, Attitudes and Values
Personal Factors Influencing Career Choices
Not the sole guide in choosing your career. This serves as a guide. We have reasons for them.
Particular liking or inclination for something
The "Thinkers"
The "Do-ers"
The "Organizers"
The "Persuaders"
The "Creators"
The "Helpers"
"What am I good at?" we have natural and innate abilities, knowledge, skills, and potential in a particular area
Aptitude test
A test that measures a person's natural and innate abilities, knowledge, and skills and potential in a particular area
Philippine Aptitude Classification Test
A scale developed locally, that helps us match our interests and aptitude with the course that we would like to take in college or the career that we would like to pursue
Influences the way we work and how we do things; how we react or how we respond to certain situations
Reaction towards events
Refers to traits, characteristics, and behavior that you give importance to
Family, future workplace, environment
External factors affecting career choices
Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous
Career Decisions
Decisions that can affect one's future profession, such as one's major in college. For some, it will involve an immediate decision about the type of career or job to pursue after senior high school
Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory
The varied systems of an environment and the interrelationship among these systems, affect one's personal development
Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Theory
The environment affects the child and the child affects the environment
Immediate environment; closest to you and this system includes your immediate family, school, and peers
Connections; where we find interactions among factors such as the school where you are currently studying, the workplace of your parents, and your neighborhood.
where we find 'big' systems such as the government, education, and the economic systems
Social and Cultural Values; involves overarching beliefs and values
The dimension of time/changes over time; the milieu where you exist. Your opportunities will be very different if instead of living in the 21st century, you were to find yourself in the nineteenth century
Rational soul
Means that you have an intellect that searches for the truth and a will that seeks the good
Creative Visualization
A concrete representation of insights into one's personal development, which could help to communicate one's ideas (thoughts and feelings) to others
A very personal and subjective realization that illuminates or gives a better perspective in viewing one's life, encompassing the different aspects one has gone or is going through