IB Computer Science - Exam 1 Review

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Direct Changeover

New System completely replaces old system in a short amount of time (ex. an entire law firm moves from one building to another in a day)


  • Cheap, Easy

  • Efficient, short installation time

  • Available Immediately


  • Compatibility Issues may arise

  • No recovery available

  • Employees may not like system

Parallel Changeover

New system started alongside old system and used with the same data (ex. 2 internet providers used at the same time)


  • If new system fails, old system runs backups

  • Both systems may be compared to see if new system provides correct results


  • Takes significantly longer to do so

  • Costly to keep both running

Pilot Changeover

New system tested on a small section alongside large-scale old system, once ironed out, new system will completely replace old system


  • Cost-Effective

  • All features tested

  • If it fails, then it will only effect a small number of people


  • Those in the pilot group will have a delay in work efficiency

  • The pilot group may approve of the new system, but others may not

Phase Changeover

New system introduced in phases, slowly replaces old system in parts (ex. changing computers in a large school. classroom by classroom each day)


  • Allows people to get used to system

  • Training of staff done in stages


  • 100% implementation will take much longer

Types of Data Loss

  • Hardware/Systems malfunctions

  • Human Error

  • Software Corruption

  • Malicious Software (Viruses)

  • Natural Disasters

Ways to Prevent Data Loss

  • Updates - fix problems found by people to prevent software corruption by fixing code, usually free

  • Patches - small bits of code inserted into program for temporary fixes

  • Human Error Prevention - keep liquids and magnets away, use a backup power supply (UPS), clean computers, and keep it safe from theft

  • Removable Media - makes it easy to safely remove storage from computers to others

  • Offsite Storage - a backup process external to an organization which is a physical copy

  • Cloud Storage - backup stored on the internet which is done remotely

  • Failover System - constant capability to automatically switch to a reliable backup system when the primary server fails

  • Data Redundancy - same piece of data held in two separate places to offer extra layer of protection