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latin father of the church, among the first saints to be named doctors of the church
translated the bible to latin
ignatius of antioch
the first to use the term "catholic church"
hypostatic union
union of the divine and human natures in the one divine person of jesus christ
god bearer, title for the mother of god
ecumenical council
a worldwide gathering of all bishops called by the pope or approved by him
fathers of the church
early saints known for their sanctity and orthodoxy whose writings helped develope the teachings of the church
anyone who defends the christian faith
living secluded from the world by a fixed rule and by following a specific set of vows
sacred scripture
written word of god composed by human authors and inspired by the holy spirit, collection of books that contain the truths of gods revelation
sacred tradition
all the teachings of christ, written and unwritten, handed down to us by the apostles and their successors
false teaching of doctrine
48 AD
council of jerusalem
edict of milan ,what did it do when was it who issued it
in 313, political agreement between the roman emperors Constantine and Lincinius
when did catholicism become the religion of the empire, who did it, and what was good and bad about it,
Theodosius did, it bad, interfered with the internal affairs of the church good, property returned to the church
council of nicaea
325 the first ecumenical council attacked arius' heresy, said that jesus was fully man but not fully divine, that jesus wasn't god, responded with nicene creed
council of constantinople
431- the writing of the nicene creed was completed
council of ephesus
431- taught that mary is truly the mother of god
st. pauls letter to the thessalonians corrected what
christ's 2nd coming
roman catholic church (how many rites and what all professes)
roman and eastern catholics, 23 different rites, all profess nicene creed, same 7 sacraments, and same bishop of rome as head
know about the bible
story of the covenant between god and his people, gods revelation