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the list of candidates on which you cast your vote.

Hamilton vs. Jefferson-

Political parties first emerged when followers of __ ____ and __ ____ disagreed over major issues on the Constitution and government.

refers to the actions a nation takes in every aspect of its relationships with other countriesā€”diplomatic, military, commercial, etc.

are permanent bodies with specific responsibilities and jurisdictions that are defined in the Senate's rules.

The president

Justices who oppose the majority decision issue a __

a theory that says that government and state comes from the people who all agreed to sign the contract which gave the government the power to protect their rights. Also, the the right to life, liberty, and property were all natural rights in humans.

They want to change and decide the law and the way the government does things . The government and ___ are closely related.

was a principle that divided the power of the government into different groups, like the governor who had executive power and the Colonial legislature who had legislative power.

declared the colonies independence from Britain. It had the reasons for independence and the 56 signatures of the delegates.

helped the structure and operation of the government.

____ are changes in the constitution.

is a system in which each branch of government has a little power over each other.

is a power all federal courts have that allows them to invalidate laws and actions of local, state, or national governments if they violate the constitution.

made it so the constitution, laws passed by congress and treaties were all the supreme rule of the land.

is responsible for making laws, which are then checked to see if they are unconstitutional by the judicial branch.

is made up of the courts, and was made to interpret the laws, punish people who break the law, and settle disputes.