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Is Candide legitimate or illegitimate?
illegitimate or not legal
Who is Candide's uncle?
a German baron
Where does Candide grow up and live?
in the baron's castle, Thunder-ten-tronckh in Westphalia, Germany
Why did Candide's mother refuse to marry his father?
because his father's family tree could only be traced through 71 quarterings
Is the baroness fat?
yes, very much so. 350 lbs.
Who is Candide's tutor?
What does Pangloss teach?
How does Candide react to Pangloss's teachings?
with great attention and faith
Who is Cunegonde?
the baron's daughter, and later, Candide's wife
What does Cunegonde witness Pangloss and a wench doing?
experimental physics aka sex
Why is Candide called Candide?
because he combines true judgement with simplicity of spirit
What do people call the Baron?
My Lord
What does Cunegonde do after watching Pangloss and the wench?
seeks Candide
What did Cunegonde purposely do when she was behind the screen with Candide?
let her hankerchief fall
Why does the Baron banish Candide?
because he kisses Cunegonde
What town does Candide end up in after banishment?
Who finds Candide next and what is his condition?
two men, he is half dead with hunger and fatigue
What do the two men dressed in blue ask Candide to do?
drink to the health of the king of the Bulgars.
What do the 2 men do for Candide?
script him to serve in the Bulgar army.
What do the 2 men say is the reason men are born?
to assist one another
The 2 men ask Candide if he loves who?
the King of the Bulgarians
Describe the treatment of the army Candide endures?
it is brutal. he is beaten.
what choice do they give candide?
whether he can run the gauntlet or be executed
why does the king of the bulars pardon candide?
hes a metaphysician
what does candide's wounds heal in time for?
for him to fight in the war between the bulagrs and abares
where does candide escape to next?
what does the orator ask candide whther he supports of not
the good cause
the orator asks candid if he believe that the _____ is the _________
pope antichrist
how does candid respond
dont know, he wants food
what does the orator's wife do to candids
dumps human waste on head
who rescues him
Jacques, a kind anabaptist
where does jacq take him
to his home in ther rug factory
who does the beggar turn out to be
what does pangloss tell candid happene dat the barons castel
bulgars attacked, killed baroness, his wife, his son, raped and murdered cunegonde
pangloss contracted what from whom
shyphilis Paquette
why does pangloss like that he has syphilis
it leads back to a man who treavele with comolbus
syphilis made what possible
candide takes pangloss to whom for treatment?
what does pan lose to the disease?
eye ear
jacques hires pan as his what
where does jac take cand and pan?
Lisbon, Portugal
what happens on their way to Lisbon
a sailor falls overboard, jac rescues him but in the process dies, the sailor, pan, and ccandid survive and walk ashore
what has just happened in lisbon
what does the sailor do
gets drunk, has sex with wench
how does pan comfort the victims
telling them the quake happened for the best
one of the officers of the Inquisition accuses Pangloss of what because an optimist cannot possibly believe in what?
hersy, original sin
what do the authorities do to prevent futher quakes
burn people
who do they choose why
man married his godmother, 2 others for refusing to eat bacon (Jews)
why do they hang pan
for his opinions
why do they flog candid
for listening with an air of approval
what happens later that day
another eartshquake
who rescues candid
old woman
what does ow give him
cloths, oitment, food, drink, bed
where does ow lead candid after 2 days
to countryhouse where he meets cunegonde
what does cunegonde happened to her family
killed by bulgars
a bulgar captain took cunegond after what?
he found a solier raping her
what did the bulgar captain do with cunegonde
sold her to jew, Don Issachar
who saw cune at mass?
grand inquisitor, who wanted to buy her
what did the inquisitor and don agree on
inquis-4 days a week don-3
what made cune doubt pan's teachings
seeing him hung and candid beaten
who told the ow to rescue candid
why does candid kill don at this point?
he stormed in in a jealous rage
who else does candid kill
cunegond, candid, and the ow journey to Cadiz. what do they bring?
3 horses, jewels
what happens to the bodies?
inquis-buried and church service don' thown on dunghill
where do they stop on their way to cadiz
Avacena, on the Sierra Morena
who stole the jewels?
a franciscan friar
what do they sell to travel to cadiz
1 horse`
what do they find in cadiz
troops preparing to sail to the new world
how do they get permission to come aboard
candid shows his military experience
ow was daughter of Pope _____ X and the princess of __________
Urban, Palestrina
when 14, she was engaged to the prince of what
massa carrara
who poisioned and killed the prince at their wedding
his mistress
after the prince's death, the ow and her mother go to where
estate in Gaeta
who do they meet along the way
what do the pirates do to the prisoners
search all orifices for jewels, rape women
what do the pirates intend to do with the prisoners
sell them as slaves in Morocco
what is going on in Morocco
civil war
when the pirates are attacked in Morocco, the ow witnesses what
her mother's murder
when ow awakes under the tree, what does she discover
a italian eunuch trying to rape her
the euncuh had once served in the ow's what?
mother's palace
where does the eunuch promise to take the ow? where does he actually take her?
back to italy, Algiers
what does the eunuch do to the ow when they arrive in Algiers?
sold her to the prince as a concubine
what killed the prince and the eunuch in Algiers?
the plague
where did the ow end up after being sold a few times after the deaths of the prince and eunuch?
in the hands of a Muslim military commander
who did the muslim fight with his army just then?
what was the only thing left standing after the battle?
the commander's fort
when the officers grew very hungry, what did they eat?
they killed and ate 2 eunuchs
when the officers wanted to eat the women, what did they do and why?
cut off one buttock of each women because a religious leader persuaded them it was more pious and sympathetic that way
what ended up happening to all the officers?
killed by Russians
where were the women taken (group the ow was with)?
what was her first lifestyle in Moscow?
a nobleman took her as his slave and beat her for 2 years
when did the ow escape?
after the nobleman was executed for court intrigue
what job did the ow have after escaping the nobleman in Russia?
working at inns
why didn't the ow ever attempt suicide?
she loved life too much
what does she tell candide and cunegonde to do after she completes her story?
tell it to everyone on the ship, ask them about their lives
where do they doc?
Buenos Aires
who do they meet once getting to Buenos Aires?
Don Fernando d'ibaraa y Figueora y Mascarenes y Lampourdoes y Souza
what does Fernando ask cunegonde once candide leaves?
to marry him
what does the ow advise cunegonde to do regarding fernando's proposal?
she advises her to accept, b/c fernando could make her and candide's fortunes
why do the portugese official and police arrive in the city?
they are looking for the people the friar said he stole the jewels from. the jeweler recognized the jewels as belonging to the grand inquisitor
what does the ow advise candide and cunegonde to do?
candide-flee the city cunegonde-remain in Buenos Aires because no one can hold her to a crime
who is Cacambo?
candide's new master
why does cacambo tell candide not to worry about cunegonde?
b/c god will take care of women
cacambo suggests they fight on the side of the what?
rebellious Paraguayan Jesuits
what does the colonel order to candide and cacambo
that their weapons and horses be seized
a sergeant tells candide and cacambo that the colonel does not have time to see them and that the _______ __________ hates Spaniards
Father Provincial
the sergeant gives them how much time to get out of the province?
3 hours
what does cacambo tell the sergeant that lets candide in?
candide is german
the colonel is cunegonde's _________
who is now the baron of thunder 10 tronckh?
cunegonde's brother
candide and the baron at this point do what?
embrace in joy