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Ottoman empire
Minimal interaction w/ the west
Ottoman empire focused on
war/Very militarized
Ottoman Empire Spans
the mediterranean sea
Ottoman =
The Ottoman Empire was
the LONGEST lasting empire 1299-1921
Europe is terrified by
Safavid and ___ are enemies
The Ottoman Empire
Founded by Osman
attacked Constantinople and won
What Made Europe very nervous ?
The Ottomans won Constantinople
Suleiman the Magnificent
Ottoman empire became the strongest under him and he expanded the empire
Who did Generals and other nobles refused to obey?
Suleiman the Magnificent
Social Hierarchy in the Ottoman Empire
Sultan, Grand Vizer/Beaucrats, Janissaries/Soldiers, and Merchants/Peasants/Pastoral People/Artisans
Head of the empire, Breed not lead , Fighting between children/wives over succession. Alot of drama and murder
Grand Vizier/Bureaucrats
Technically running the country, making everyday decisions amd Would try to manipulate the sultan
Christian slaves/soldiers, were kidnapped or volunteered themselves to the Ottoman empire. Soldiers were revered b/c the ottoman military was good, gained respect power and money, Had the ability to move up the ranks, During certain times they were as powerful/more powerful than the bureaucrats Merchants/Peasants/Pastoral People/Artisans
People of the book
Jewish people and Christians
Ottoman decline
corrupt leaders, slow death, falls behind europe, and military power fades
Safavid =
Safavid Empire
Sail al din wanted to purify/reform Islam
Safavid Empire thought
the Ottomans were too open/weren’t strict enough religiously
followers in Safavid empire
Suni Muslims are from
Iran, Iraq
Suni Believed
that Abu Bakr (Close friend) should be Muhammed’s successor
Shia Muslims Believed
that Ali (Son-in-law) should be Muhammed’s successor.
Battle of Chaldiran significance
Shia (Safavid) ) vs Sunni (Ottoman)
fight for everything, religious dominance
Who won the battle of Chaldirans
Sunnis won which is why there are more Sunni
The battle of Chaldirans Stops
Ottomans from moving east so Safavid can’t move west
Alcohol and depression stop leading turmoil to follows
Shah abba the great
fixes stuff, Consolidated empire, Reduces the power of the Qizilbash (redheads), Reformed army, Improved infrastructure
Safavid empire has
NO religious tolerance
religion was the same as state
Both Ottoman and Safavid
were led by a warrior aristocracy, Peasants hurt by invasions, Leaders become distant, Both encourage trade
Decline of the Safavid
Leaders became inept and secluded, as well as Succession problems
Mughal Empire =
The Mughal Empire was Founded by
loved books but Didn’t lead very well
Humayun took over after
Bubur died
Humayun’s son is
Akbar the great
Akbar the great
Was illiterate, but smart
One of the best leaders of the Mughal Empire
Akbar the Great
Akbar Tried to
unite Muslim and Hindus and Encouraged interreligious marriage, even Promoting Hindus to some of the highest ranks (to show respect to hindus)
Who Abolishes head tax/jizya (if you weren’t a muslim tax)
Akbar the Great
Akbar made things
better for women
the tradition of not allowing upper class widows to live without their husbands. They would get drugged and fling themselves onto the burning bodies of their husbands
Akbar Creates hybrid faith
Din I Ilahi (big fail)
Hindus and Muslims rejected Din I Ilahi b/c
they didn’t want to sully their faiths
ruled after akbar, reversed the good changes made, thought everyone should be muslim, and painted as the bad guy
Mughal Military
Made of nobility and Done so that everyone was prepared to fight
Decline of Mughal Empire
Domestic Problems, Aurangzeb, Military conflicts drain treasury, Succession problems,Threats from Europe, and wasn't as advanced as Europe