Exam 3 World Arts II

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Walking Buddha
When: 14-15th century 
Where: Thailand (only piece in Thailand we studied)
Extra Facts: Buddhism /Iconography: gestures made with the hands(mudrā)
Taj Mahal
When: 1631-1648 
Where: Agra, India 
Extra Facts: built under the reign of Shah Jahan 
Period: India-Mughal Period, 1526-1857
Jahangir and Shah Abbas
When: 1618 (India-Mughal Period)
Medium: Opaque watercolor, gold, ink on paper
Extra Facts: Mughal miniature painting
Krishna and the Gopis
When: 1525-50 (India-Mughal Period)
Where: Rajasthan, India 
Medium: Gouache on paper
Extra Facts: Rajput Miniature painting , gita govinda
Victoria Terminus
When: 1887 (Colonial Period, British Raj)
Where: Mumbai (Bomba7), India 
Who: Frederick Stevens 
style: Gothic Revival
Rock Garden, Kyoto, Japan
When: 1480 (Muromachi Period)
Where: Kyoto, Japan
Chinese Lions

When: Late 16th century (Momoyama Period)
Where: Japan 
Who: Kano Eitoku 
Extra Facts: it is a six-panel folding screen (byobu=screen) with gold leaf being the prominent
The Great Wave
What: The Great Wave (Edo Period)
When: 1831 
Where: Japan
Who:  Katsushika Hokusai 
Extra Facts: it’s a woodblock print (ukiyo-e print)
The Stone Breakers
When: 1849 (Realism)
Where: France 
Who: Gustave Courbet 
Extra Facts: depicts two figures breaking rocks, meant to be the everyday man
The Banjo Lesson
When: 1893 (Realism)
Where: Usa 
Who:  Henry Ossawa Turner
Eiffel Tower
When: 1889 (19th century Modernism)
Where: Paris, France 
Who: Gustave France 
Extra Facts: World Fairs, prefabricated
When: 1863 (19th century Modernism)
Who: Manet 
Where: France
Extra Facts: based on Titian’s Venus of Urbino / Avant-garde (a person or work that is experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society
Impression: Sunrise
When: 1872 (19th century Modernism)
Where: France 
Who: Claude Monet 
Extra Facts: impressionism /En-Plain Air
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte
When: 1884-86 (19th century Modernism)
Where: France 
Who: George Seurat 
Extra Facts: used pointillism (piece is made up of little dots) and complimentary colors, this is a post- impressionism piece
Starry Night
When: 1889 (19th century Modernism)
Where: France 
Who: Vincent Van Gough 
Extra Facts: post-impressionism
Wainwright Building
When: 1891 
Where: St Louis, Missouri 
Who: Louis Sullivan 
Extra Facts: Chicago School Functionalism
Le Bonheur de Vivre (The Joy of Life)
When: 1905-06 (20th century Modernism)
Where: France 
Who: Matisse 
Extra Facts: French Fauves
Ma Jolie
Artist: Pablo Picasso
Period: 20th century Modenism
Features: Cubism
Who: Marcel Duchamp 
Extra Facts: it’s a postcard of the Mona Lisa w/ a mustache and a darker coloration: Dada Art
Fallingwater (Kaufmann House)
When: 1936-39 
Where: PA 
Who: Frank Lloyd Wright 
Extra Facts: integrates nature (organic architecture)
The Great City of Tenochtitlan
When: 1945 (20th Century Modernism)
Where: Mexico City, Mexico
Who: Diego Rivera 
Extra Facts: Mexican muralist Movement/ fresco
Autumn Rhythm (No. 30)
When: 1950 (20th Century Modernism)
Where: Unites States 
Who: Jackson Pollock 
Extra Facts: NY School of Art/ Abstract Expressionism
Marilyn Diptych
When: 1962 (20th Century Modernism)
Where: USA 
Who: Andy Warhol 
Extra Facts: silkscreen (printmaking method)/She commits suicide in 1962/Pop Art
Seagram Building
When: 1958 (20th Century Modernism)
Where: New York City 
Who: Ludwig Mies and Phillip Johnson 
Extra Facts: International Style/ Skyscraper
The Dinner Party
When: 1974-79 (Postmodernism)
Who: Judy Chicago 
Extra Facts: each part is for a specific woman throughout history (39 sections), empowers crafts like quilting, center is 999 tiles w/ women's names on them, early feminist art
Horn Players
When: 1983 (Postmodernism)
Who: Jean-Michael Basquiat 
Extra Facts: refers to famous brass players and jazz musicians
China Monument: Temple of Heaven Installation
When: 1998 (Postmodernism)
Who: Wenda Gu
Nkisi Nkondi
When: 19th century (Africa)
Where: democratic republic of Congo 
Who: Kongo Culture
Sowei Mask
When: 1880-86 (19th Century Africa)
Where: Sierra Leone 
Who: Mende Culture 
Extra Facts: Mask made for women/intelligent/supposed to stay quiet
Flag for a New World Power 21st century
When: 2004 (21st Century)
Who: El Anatsui 
Extra Facts: made of aluminum bottle caps, Kente Cloth