GCSE HISTORY - COLD WAR 1945-1972 (dates)

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When was the Tehran conference?
28th November to 1st December 1943
When was the Yalta conference?
4th December to 11th February 1945
When did Roosevelt die?
12th April 1945
When did Hitler kill himself?
30th April 1945
When did Germany surrender?
8th May 1945
When was the Potsdam conference?
17th July to August 2nd 1945
When was the bombing of Hiroshima?
6th August 1945
When was the bombing of Nagasaki?
9th August 1945
When did Japan surrender?
14th August 1945
In what year were the secret telegrams?
When did Churchill give the Iron Curtain speech?
5th March 1946
When was the Truman Doctrine put in place?
12th March 1947
When was the Marshall Plan put in place?
5th June 1947
When was cominform set up?
5th October 1947
When was comecon set up?
25th January 1949
When was NATO formed?
4th April 1949
When was the Warsaw Pact formed?
14th May 1955
In what years was the Berlin Blockade?
1948 to 1949
When was Bizonia created?
29th May 1947
When was Trizonia created?
1st August 1948
When was the Deutschmark introduced to Bizonia?
23rd June 1948
When did Stalin start the Berlin Blockade?
24th June 1948
When did the airlift into Berlin begin?
26th June 1948
When did Stalin call of the blockade?
May 1949
In what years was the Korean War?
1950 to 1953
When did North Korea invade South Korea?
25th June 1950
When did the US send troops to help South Korea?
July 1950
When did China invade Korea?
October 1950
When did the Korean war end in a stalemate with the Korean Armistice being signed?
27th July 1953
When did Vietnam become independent?
When did Vietnam split into North and South?
When was the Tet offensive?
January 1968
When was the ceasefire (Vietnam war) signed in Paris?
When did Mao Zedong announce the founding of the People's Republic of China?
When was the Sino-Soviet treaty signed?
14th February 1950
When did the USSR successfully launch Sputnik 1?
4th October 1957
When did the Russian Yuri Gagarin become the first man in space?
12th April 1961
When did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first men to walk the moon?
20th July 1969
In what year was the Manhattan project?
When did the USSR create an atom bomb?
August 1949
When did the USA develop the hydrogen bomb?
November 1952
When did Stalin die?
March 1953
In what year did Khrushchev take power?
When was the Geneva summit?
July 1955
In what year did the process of de-stalinisation begin?
When was Rajk (foreign secretary and rival to Rakosi) framed and found guilty on show trial?
When did Nagy replace Rakosi?
July 1953
When did Rakosi's hate campaign work and he replaced Nagy?
When did Khrushchev denounce Stalin's policies?
When did Khrushchev say the death of Rajk was an injustice and reinstate Nagy as leader, replacing Rakosi?
When were 1000 tanks sent into Hungary by the Red Army?
4th November 1956
In what year did the U2 planes start flying?
When was Gary Powers shot down in the U2 spy plane?
1st May 1960
When was the Berlin Wall put up?
13th August 1961
When did Soviet tanks pull up to Checkpoint Charlie (Berlin Wall) and refuse to allow access to the East?
27th October 1961
When did Batista's army try to fight Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra mountains?
July 1958
When did Castro enter the Cuban capital, Havana?
8th January 1959
When did JFK break off relations with Cuba?
January 1961
When was the Bay of Pigs?
April 1961
When was JFK informed of the missile build up in Cuba?
16th October 1962
When did JFK decide on a blockade of Cuba?
20th October 1962
When did Kennedy announce the blockade of Cuba and call on the Soviet Union to withdraw its missiles?
22nd October 1962
When did JFK receive a letter from Khrushchev saying that Soviet ships would not observe the blockade?
23rd October 1962
When did the Cuban blockade begin?
24th October 1962
When did JFK receive a letter from Khrushchev saying that the missiles were purely defensive?
26th October 1962
When did JFK receive a letter from Khrushchev revising his proposals saying that if the US removes the missiles from Turkey, the USSR would remove the missiles from Cuba? (an American U2 plane is shot down over Cuba. JFK is advised to launch an attack)
a.m. 27th October 1962
When did JFK decide to delay the attack on Cuba? (he accepts terms of Khrushchev from 26th Oct letter)
p.m. 27th October 1962
When did Khrushchev accept JFK's offer?
28th October 1962
When did Kennedy announce the end of the Cuban missile crisis?
28th October 1962