Humanities EOY Exam Current Events Questions Q26-28

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Which bank has announced it will remain 100% NZ owned, with the government taking complete ownership of it?
California has voted to become the first US state to...?
Ban petrol powered cars
Tennis star Novak Djokovic will not be playing at the US Open. Why will he not be there?
He is unvaccinated so the US will not allow him in the country
Properties that have been damaged in recent flooding in the Nelson region are being issued red, yellow or white stickers. What does a red sticker mean?
The building should not be entered
Which of the following was recently released on social media by NASA?
An audio of a black hole
Which recently released movie has had the ending changed in China?
Minions: The Rise of Gru
Two Kiwi companies have been fined over $20,000 for selling which product without being registered?
Raw milk
What was uncovered in Europe's Danube River due to low water levels?
Warships filled with explosives and ammunition
According to a new study out of Japan, when dogs unite with their owner they produce more...?
What is New Zealand regional airline Sounds Air, offering as an incentive for people to get out and travel?
All-you-can-fly tickets
Data released showed how often the private jets of some of the world's wealthiest celebrities have been taking to the skies. How many flights had Taylor Swift's private jet made since January?
Health experts are monitoring an outbreak of a viral infection detected in children in southern India which is similar to hand foot and mouth disease. What is the new infection known as?
Tomato flu
It was announced last week that Tupperware will soon no longer be sold in New Zealand. What is Tupperware?
A brand of plastic kitchenware
What is the Big Bash League?
An Australian cricket tournament
In which country is the capital city Amsterdam?
The Netherlands
What role in parliament has this man just taken up?
Speaker of the House
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Followers of which religion try to make a journey here at least once in their life?
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What team is celebrating in this photo?
Argentina Pumas
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This man announced the formation of a new political party last week. What is it called?
Freedoms NZ
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In which country were 500,000 people left living in camps after one-third of their country was flooded?
What do Dame Valerie Adams and Dame Noeline Taurua have in common?
They have both joined the High Performance Sports New Zealand board
Why was NASA forced to cancel the launch of its new moon rocket?
There was a fuel leak and an engine problem
Why was a toilet paper mill in Kawerau in the news?
The mill wants more than $500,000 in damages from its workers
China has been suffering from an extreme weather event that is affecting power supply. What type of weather event is it?
Who is launching an edit button for the first time?
According to a survey by a global research group, which city was named most expensive city in the world to live in for 2021?
Tel Aviv
The All Blacks put on an impressive performance against Argentina to sneak ahead in the Rugby Championships. What is the nickname of the side from Argentina?
The Pumas
Which royal was recently honoured in Paris and London on the 25th anniversary of their death?
Princess Diana
Who won the Video of the Year award for her 10 minute self-directed music video at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards?
Taylor Swift
Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson has changed a social media post after the Prime Minister said it breached ministerial guidelines. What was she holding in the post?
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premiered on Prime Video last week. Where was the first season filmed?
New Zealand
Why was Kiwi actor KJ Apa (Riverdale, Shortland Street), in the news recently?
He has become a Samoan chief
On which continent would you find the Himalayas mountain range?
What is India’s government promoting to decrease the effect of smog on motorcyclists?
Helmets fitted with fans and filters
What is the last name of the athlete who is trying to trademark this pose?
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Production of this iconic model of aircraft is finally set to stop. What was it known as?
Boeing 747
At which event was this photo taken?
US Open
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What is the last name of this government minister?
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Following the death of Queen Elizabeth ll, Prince Charles will become ...?
King Charles III
Where did Queen Elizabeth ll spend her final days?
Balmoral Castle
What role did Queen Elizabeth ll have during World War ll?
She was a mechanic and drove trucks
Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi, has called for an immediate independent inquiry into the emergency housing situation in ...?
Former US president Barack Obama won an Emmy recently for narrating a...?
Documentary on national parks
Why is Air New Zealand annoyed with rival airline Emirates?
Emirates copied one of Air New Zealand’s ads
Why was China’s Sichuan province in the news last week?
A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the area
Which singer will be performing at the Women's Rugby World Cup in Auckland?
Rita Ora
What do Hollywood actors Ben Stiller and Sean Penn have in common?
They have both been banned from entering Russia
The Insurance Council is warning that the current rise in car thefts is likely to cause the cost of insurance to rise. How many cars were stolen in the first six months of 2022?
How did a chimpanzee get back home after escaping from a Ukrainian zoo?
It rode on a bicycle
The company Juul has agreed to a $US440 million settlement following claims that it has been marketing its products to US teenagers. What does Juul sell?
Vaping products
What was found in the backyard of a property in the Auckland suburb of Epsom?
An old bomb
The White Lady has been granted a 12- month trading license after fearing that they would have to shut down due to complaints by a local business. What is the White Lady?
An Auckland food truck business that has been in business for almost 75 years
People leaving the Burning Man art festival were stuck in traffic for eight hours last week. Where is the Burning Man festival held?
Black Rock Desert, Nevada
When was this photo taken?
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What is the last name of this new Prime Minister?
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What is the name of this new train that has been donated to the city of Christchurch?
The Peace Train
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What is the name of the trophy Parris Gobble won here?
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