AP Biology Unit 1-Chemistry of Life Questions

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What is the monomer of a carbohydrate called?
What part of an amino acid interacts to create a tertiary structure?
What is the name of the bond between monosaccharides?
Glycosidic bond/linkage
Which property of water allows water molecules to be attracted to other water molecules?
Which property of water allows areas near coasts to stay at a moderate temperature?
High specific heat
What is the name of the bond between amino acids?
Peptide bonds
What is one function of a carbohydrate?
structure/protection/short-term energy storage/fiber/used to build amino acids
Alpha helices and beta pleated sheets are examples of what?
Secondary structures
What causes secondary structures?
Hydrogen bonds
What is used for short term energy?
What is one thing that can cause denaturing?
Hot temperature, pH
What is used for long term energy?
What is the name of the bond between nucleotides?
Phosphodiester bond
What is the monomer of a protein called?
amino acid
What is the monomer of a nucleic acid called?
What is the monomer of a lipid called?
There are none
Which property of water allows a dog to cool of while panting?
Evaporative Cooling
What is the variable that is purposely manipulated in an experiment?
Independent variable
2 standard deviations is to what percent confidence?
If my average is 12 and my standard deviation is 3, what is my range + or - 1 standard deviation?
9 - 15
If I am testing where squirrels prefer to live in hot, cold, humid, or dry environments, what is my degrees of freedom?
What is the first step in finding the standard deviation of a data set?
Finding the mean
If 17 is my average, and my standard deviation is 1, what is my range to 68% confidence?
If looking at a graph, how do I know if my data is statistically significant?
Error bars do not overlap
You believe that when someone drinks a soda, their heart rate will increase. You set up an experiment, using various sodas, and various amounts of consumption and then measure the heart rate of the individuals. What are good positive and negative controls?
Negative control: water Positive control: energy drink