Module 3: Muscular Fitness and Flexibility

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3 types of muscle tissue
skeletal, cardiac, smooth
How many skeletal muscles (muscle fibers) there?
650 skeletal muscles and all of them is part of the muscle fiber
slow twitch
small "red" muscle fibers that contract slowly and generate relatively small forces
fast twitch
Larger, pale muscle fibers that generate more force
intermediate twitch
they have a combination of slow and fast twitch fibers which enables them to contract fast and have good endurance.
Ratio of fibers
Our genetics determine the ratio of fast/slow/intermediate fibers in our bodies.
Recruitment of Fibers & Coordination
The nervous system recruits motor units in a specific order starting with smaller slow-twitch units, followed by intermediate-twitch and finally fast twitch fibers.
A muscle contraction or phase in which the muscle shortens as it produces force due to the binding of protein filaments.
A muscle contraction or phase in which the muscle lengthens. This "negative" phase of an exercise is critical for muscular development.
isometric contraction
A muscle contraction in which the muscle does not move, or remains in the same position simply stabilizing a joint. An example would be holding a stable plank.
The achievable range of motion at a joint without causing injury.
the benefits of flexibility Training are...
Reduces Chronic Pain, Reduces Risk of Injury, Improves Emotional (Mental) Health, Improves Posture,
Why is flexibility important?
Flexibility can increase the range of motion at a joint or a group of joints and as such, tends to decrease injuries to those joints. In most instances the increase in flexibility can also contribute to better athletic performance.
Slowly stretching and holding the final position. Static stretching can be performed as part of your warm-up or cool-down, but can be most effective improving flexibility after your workout when muscles are at their highest temperature.
Stretching in which the muscle is constantly moving such as arm circles. Dynamic stretches are often preferred by many athletes, especially during warm-ups.
Stretching against a counterforce. There is little or no movement. Force is provided by a partner, band, towel, chair, etc.
High risk of injury, but can be effective for conditioned individuals. Ballistic stretching is a form of dynamic stretch that involves quick, rapid movements to stretch a muscle beyond its normal range of motion.
The ability to quickly and effectively change body position or change direction. EX: Stepping aside quickly in the hallway to avoid running into someone on their phone.
The ability to maintain equilibrium when moving or when in a stationary position. Ex: Re-gaining balance after stepping on a cracked piece of pavement in the parking lot.
The integration (teamwork) of the nervous and skeletal muscular systems to perform various movements. Ex: Dribbling a ball while running up the court around defenders
The rate at which someone is able to propel the body forward, or move a part of the body from one point to another. Ex: magicians performing card tricks need hand speed just like basketball players.
The ability to produce maximum force in the shortest duration of time. Power is generally considered to be a combination of strength and speed. Ex: Vertical or broad jump.
spatial awareness
An awareness of the space around us, the objects in that space, and our body position in that space. Ex: Athletes knowing where there teammates, opponents, goals, and boundary lines are
reaction time
The time required for one of your senses to respond to a stimulus. Ex: Moving your foot from the accelerator to the brake pad to stop the car.
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