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The Knowt Teacher Platform Beta
Our next version will bring more.
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See more.
Do more.
The new
The Classes Dashboard will summarize information for each class, like the number of students and active assignments.
More students.
More data.
Organize your
Click inside a class and you’ll be transported into our brand-new Classroom Dashboard, which will let you view and edit all the details of your class, add or remove students, and view data on assignments.
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Knowt Product Image
More scores.
More analytics.
Understand your assignment
Click on an assignment to see more details about how your students did on it. You’ll see a list of students who completed the assignment, their scores, and even data about which questions troubled them.
More trends.
More tracking.
Learn about your students
Click on a student to see their Student Dashboard, which displays their performance trends and suggestions for where they can improve. Students will be able to see their Student Dashboard too so that they can make continual progress.
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Our dark horse.
Quiz Editing.

One of the most exciting features we’ll be offering in the next teacher platform is the ability to edit a quiz by filtering question types and adding, removing, or even editing questions. We’ll learn from your changes and generate better quizzes in the future!

Knowt Product Image
Knowt Product Image
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