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Connect to
Google Classroom

Have a class already using Google Classroom? Link it with Knowt to make creating assessments easier for you and taking assessments easier for your students. You can post assignments and sync grades. Coming out in a few weeks!

Knowt makes assignments automatically
from your lesson plans or any online material
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Create Classes.
View Assignments.
The Main Dashboard
You can see all your classes, add students, and jump into active assignments from the Main Dashboard.
Share notes and
manage your class.
Class Dashboard
See and create assignments given to the class, view class performance, and manage students from the Class Dashboard.
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See time spent on each question and more.
Assignment Dashboard
View student performance on an assignment-by-assignment basis, and configure assignment settings all in the Assignment Dashboard.
Interact and learn more about each student.
Student Dashboard
View student performance, see recommended notes to review, and jump into specific assignments all through the Student Dashboard.
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Be a teacher from your phone. We don't judge.

Create classes, access student data, invite students and much more - all on your phone!

Edit the assignment
after it's made

After Knowt automatically generates assignments, you can still edit it to be of your liking.

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Knowt Teacher Platform Pricing
At Knowt, we’re more than a business—we’re a community. We understand that the 2020-2021 school year will be especially difficult for teachers, so we want to do our part and help out. To show you our appreciation for your dedication and the vital role you play in all students’ lives, we’ve decided to make all versions of our Teacher Platform free for the school year!
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