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Which of the following groups were mentioned in the declaration of independenct
author of common sense
who was thomas paine
patriots and loyalists
which two sides emerged in response to the declaration of independence
they are rights that cannot be taken away
What does it mean when the authors of the Declaration of Independence mention "unalienable rights"?
made them pay taxes without consent
According to the Declaration of Independence, how did King George III violate the colonists' rights?
Abigail Adams
Who urged her husband to "Remember the ladies"?*
John Locke
Who wrote about an unwritten contract that we all share as humans or part of a community?
out of many, one
What does the Latin phrase "E pluribus unum" translate to?
What side did most Native Americans choose in the Revolutionary War?
guns and european goods
What did the British promise Native Americans to convince them to join their cause against the Patriots?
It persuaded many colonists to support independence
What was the main effect of Common Sense?
He could reach a wider audience by using common language
Why did Thomas Paine use common language in writing Common Sense?
What percentage of Americans were estimated to be Loyalists?
Slavery still existed so they could not be listed as having personal freedom
Why were African Americans left out of the Declaration of Independence?
common sense
a 47 page pamphlet that was distributed in Philadelphia in January 1776
Thomas Paine
a recent immigrant wo was the author of common sense
Declaration of Independence
announced the colony's break from Great Britain
Thomas Jefferson
The author of the Declaration of Independence
colonists who chose to side with the British
Haym Solomon
a recent immigrant from Portland, who went behind British lines to get information
foreign soldiers who fought not out of loyalty, but for the pay
Battle of Trenton
was an important Patriot victory where the patriots took 900 prisoners
Battle of Saratoga
in New York, the turning point of the revolutionary war; a victory for the Americans
Marquis de Lafayette
gave money to the Continental Army, was from France, trained soldiers
Baron Friedrich von Steuben
from Prussia, was responsible for training a lot of the Continental Army
Bernardo de Galvez
governor of Spanish Louisiana and conquered British forts in Florida
John Paul Jones
naval hero, was considered the father of the US navy. "I have not yet begun to fight
George Rogers Clark
volunteered to lead the western campaign and captured Fort Sackville
the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of. happiness
What were the 3 main ideas in the Declaration of Independence
What does the phrase "unalienable rights" mean?
The Native Americans sided with the British because the British promised to keep their land safe from the colonists
Why did the Native Americans side with the British?
slaves, women and Native Americans
Which 3 groups of people did the Declaration of Independence not include?
Abigail Adams
Who pushed for women to be included in the Declaration of Independence?
Because the British were allowing African Americans to fight for them and in return would give them their freedom
Why did the continental army eventually recruit African Americans?
Nathan Hill
a spy that went behind British lines and stored important documents in the soles of his shoes
Salomon, Hales and Cornwalis
Who were the 3 ethnic heroes of the American Revolution?
Saratoga because it convinced the French king that the patriots could win
Which battled "saved the revolution" and why?
guns and ships, soldiers ammunition and money
What was France's contribution to the American Revolution?
"I have not yet begun to fight"
What famous phrase did John Paul Jones say?
Fort Sackville
a surprise attack by George Rogers Clark
I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country
What famous phrase did Nathan Hale say
He only had 150 men but had enough Patriot flags to make it look like more. They fired continuously on the fort to make an overwhelming show of force. The commander of the fort fell for it and thought they had more people than they did
Describe the attack on Fort Sackville by George Rogers Clark.