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What social networks were instrumental in spreading democratic revolts in the Middle East and North Africa?
Twitter and Facebook
What is a political unit that is composed of people, a well-defined territory, and a set of governing institutions called?
A state
Is a union of states a NGO or a non state actor?
No because it is funded by governments
Amnesty International is an example of which type of nongovernmental organization?
A nongovernmental organization (NGO)
What are the main roles of a non state actors?
setting agendas, negotiating outcomes, conferring legitimacy, and making solutions work
What was the Lateran Treaty?
A compromise between the Vatican and the Italian government declaring the Vatican City state as the pope’s neutral territory
What would be the stance of a weak globalizer?
They argue that this increased internationalization is not altering the world to the extent claimed by the hyper-globalizers and transformationalists.
Which invention assisted in the creation of the modern state?
The printing press
The realities of globalization are reflected in which type of sovereignty?
Interdependence sovereignty
Which system requires the currencies of other countries to have an exchange rate that is fixed to the dollar?
Bretton Wood System
What is an example of cultural globalization?
Soccer World Cup
What is a multinational corporation?
A national company that has many foreign subsidiaries
What are the two examples of financial globalization institutions?
World Bank and International Monetary Fund
What is the oldest and most powerful global non-state actor?
The Catholic Church
Who is considered to be the father of international law?
Hugo Grotius
Is globalization a threat to sovereignty?
Yes, it can diminish national sovereignty.
Who set up the World Bank?
The Bretton Woods System
Which organization is an example of global governance?
International regimes
Do the different forms of globalization affect one another?
When did the modern state emerge?
In Western Europe in 1648
How many identifiable waves of globalization are there?
What kind of theory does the rise and fall of Rome exemplify?
The Power Transition Theory
What is ‘soft power’?
the intelligence capabilities, quality of national leadership, level of educational/technological advancement, openness of the political system, character of the people, transportation/communication capabilities, ideology, and appeal of the country’s culture.
How is balancing a stronger power achieved? Example of the United States and Russia.
Balancing a stronger power is achieved by opposing the stronger or more threatening side in a conflict – such as individual states strengthening themselves and building alliances to preserve that balance of power. the containment theory is a good example U.S. prevented the spread of communism by promoting democracy militarily and economically, allied with European powers as well.
How is binding a stronger power achieved?
Binding a stronger power is achieved through controlling the behavior of the rising or threatening country by embedding it into bilateral or multilateral alliances.
Which countries became rivalries at the end of World War II?
United States and the Soviet Union
Which country's strength as a dominant power can be described as multi-dimensional?
The United States
Which United States foreign policy stated in 1823 diminished European involvement in the Americas?
The Monroe Doctrine
Why was World War I significant in American History?
World War I stimulated a rapid growth in the foreign-policy establishment and brought out a strong American commitment to free trade, the promotion of democracy, support for national self-determination, and an emphasis on international cooperation to achieve world peace through organizations such as the League of Nations
What does the transition of power from the G-7 to the G-20 represent?
The diffusion of power
What Is the significance of the concept of ‘manifest destiny’ in the United states?
Manifest Destiny was the want to expand territory and although not always positive it created the cultural diversity, economic and technological growth and area that claim today to compose America.
What did the American “shock and awe” bombing of Baghdad demostrate?
that America is a hegemon with a preponderance of power
Which country is considered to be a ‘hegemon’ in the international arena?
The United States
Historically, has there been a multipolar distribution of power?
Yes, China, Russia and the US are prime examples
What is the major factor in the rise and fall of great powers?
he rise and fall of powers is predominantly caused by changes in economy, military and technological developments
What does Gross National Product (GNP) measure?
Total Market Value Of all goods and services produced in a country
What Strategy does the United States use to Maintain its Power?
democratic enlargement
What power is often seen as the foundation of military and political power?
Economic power
What is a common element of power?
a country’s geographic area and location, its population, and its natural resources
What international organizations are used to Legitimize the primacy of the United States in the global community?
the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade