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western goths
eastern goths, western goths that were conquered by the huns first. converted to arianism by visigoths
scandinavia (scanda)
place where goths are originally from
King of Ostrogoths, opposed odacer, raised imperial court and made goths and romans live together, moved capital to Ravenna, sets out for italy, conquers italy from the germans, was never conquered in his lifetime,
One of a group of Germanic tribes who invaded and destroyed territory in the Roman empire, strong arians
who won in the war against the vandals and goths
lake maeotis
lake north of the black sea
Area north of Danube river.
sea of pontus
scythia is above this
roman god that the goths worshipped and offered human sacrifices to
bows with chords
the ostrogoths made this weapon
Warrior women of Scythia, married scythian men, kept the female children and gave male children to the men to raise, gained control over kingdoms of asia, built a temple for diana in ephesus, they hated having children, known for their cruelty, helped the trojans
king of the goths, prevented the egyptians from advancing, pursued the egyptians back to the banks of the nile, worshipped as a god after his death
cyrus the great
goes against the Getae and their queen Tomyris. She permits the parthians to come into their kingdom because she wanted to defeat them in battle rather than by advantage of position. He dies in this battle. his people are plundered after
region situated in balkans south of the danube
persian king who wanted to marry daughter of the king of the goths. the goths didn't want this alliance so when she said no he waged war against them. never won before he died
son of darius who wanted to avenge his father's loss against the goths. sent ships with armies to the gothic lands but returned before ever fighting because he was too scared
king of goths that waged war with moesia
only christian roman ruler before constantine, was attacked by ostrogotha and the goths
sent by philip to try to prevent ostrogotha from attacking, became emperor and was slain by the goths
the co- emperor that took the western providences while Diocletian had the eastern,
Roman emperor who divided the empire into a West and an East section. took the eastern section
city the goths built
king of the gepidae who battled against visigoths and lost
land that constantine gave to the vandals where they lived for 60 years as subjects of the romans
Modern day France, where the visigoths end up settling
fought between Roman army led by Emperor Valens and Gothic rebels led by Fritigern. battle is considered the start of the fall of the western roman empire,
large nomadic group from northern Asia who invaded territories extending from China to Eastern Europe. They virtually lived on their horses, herding cattle, sheep, and horses as well as hunting. excellent calvary and archers. conquered the gothic ostrogoths first
Leader of the Goths who defeated the Romans at Adrianople.the romans hosted a feast with the visigoths while planning a plot to kill him but it was uncovered
the visigoths were converted to this when they moved to Thrace and Moesia by the romans
this came upon the visigoths when they were not settles into thrace and moesia
sold children into slavery
the visigoths did then when the famine came because they could not provide enough food for their family. they said this was better than dying
killed the romans and rescued his people
fritigern uncovered the plan of the romans and so he did this
overtook roman area and plundered
after the plot against fritigern, the visigoths did this to the romans
killed roman emperor valens
the visigoths did this while overtaking roman area when they set fire to a small hut
emperor gratian and theodosius
emperors after Valens that took over. they were good leaders who wanted to attack the goths and drive them away from thrace
Western Emperor who co ruled with theodosius, made a truce between visigoths and romans
peace through provisions
the goths acted with greater courage. they divided and went to fight the romans. The romans and goths made ____________ through ___________. this was started by gratian and fritigern
Emperor of the Roman Empire who made Christianity the official religion of the empire.
king athenaric
next gothic ruler after fritigern
gothic army submitted to romans
athanaric and theodosius became great companions and formed alliances to that the __________ submitted to _______________
the visigoths and the romans could be called this under theodosius
A visigoths general who sacked Rome, he dies shortly after
roman emperor who tried to give the visigoths spain and gaul,
Roman general under honorius who was major rival of Alaric, his army was almost completely exterminated
battle of Polentia
battle between stilicho and alaric. it was the first gothic invasion of italy,
valentinian III
Western Roman emperor, during his reign they fought the huns, sent pope leo to convince attila to retreat, was assassinated after he had aetius killed by aetius' supporters
king of the Vandals who seized Roman lands and invaded North Africa, sacks rome after the battle of the catalaunian plains
western Roman general under valentinian III who stopped Attila the Hun in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains
leader of the huns who fought against the visigoths and romans in the battle of the catalaunian plains, died of a nosebleed, killed his brother for more power, wanted to attack rome but was stopped by pope leo and convinced not to after what happened to Alaric
Attila's brother whom attila killed for more power
leader of visigoths who allies with the romans against the huns in the battle of the catalaunian plains, fell off his horse and was trampled by his own army
Sister of Emperor Valentinian III that disobeyed her brother's command to marry a senator and asked for the help of Attila, who wanted the West as a dowry.
Catalaunian Plains
the battle between basically everyone in the east against the huns, the romans/visigoths reached the top first, winning the battle
pope leo I
was sent by valentinian to persuaded Attila not to attack Rome
roman general who gained control of roman army. he killed the emperor and caused 10 year old Augustulus to be new roman emperor
ruas and octar
atilla's uncles, when they died attila and bleda succeeded the throne
Barbarian leader who led that final invasion of Rome; overthrew the Roman emperor
Romulus Augustulus
Last emperor before the fall of Rome
eastern roman emperor while the west fell