Greek Temple parts

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the triangular top of a temple that contains sculpture
projecting molding on building (usually above columns or pillars)
a broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling.
a triple projecting, grooved member of a Doric frieze that alternates with metopes
panel between the triglyphs in a Doric frieze, often sculpted in relief
a plain, unornamented lintel on the entablature
The cornice on the sloping sides of a pediment.
topmost member of a column
a continuous base supporting a row of columns in classical Greek architecture. (the floor)
In Greek architecture, the stepped base on which a temple stands.
(n.) The oldest and simplest of the three main orders of classical Greek architecture, characterized by heavy fluted columns with plain, saucer-shaped capitals and no base; A Roman order of similar design but with the addition of a base.
characterized by volutes (spiral, scroll-like form), capitals, columns with bases, uninterrupted frieze, base
an upright pillar, typically cylindrical and made of stone or concrete,
Most ornate of the orders- contains a base, a fluted column shaft, and the capital is elaborate and decorated with leaf carvings
Women in place of columns