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silk roads
trading route bringing luxury goods from Asia to Europe
series of military campaign by European Christians
mongol empire
controlled most of Asia and protected the silk road
magnetic compass-rudder-junk
modern inventions promoting trade by sea in the Indian Ocean Trade Network
biggest western city on Silk Road
lateen sail
triangle sail developed in the Indian Ocean Trade Network
Indian Ocean
divided as area where trading is around connecting Africa to Southeast Asia
huge trading center on West coast of India
Indian Ocean Slave Trade
trading slaves and African customs
Muslim and Chinese merchants
significant traders of Indian Ocean Trade Network
Spice Islands
modern day Malaysia and Indonesia where spices/clothes were exported
station where people/animals can rest
flying cash
system to use paper money along Silk Roads
Genghis Khan
leader of Mongol Empire
siege weapons
devices designed to attack walled cities
Golden Horde
describes Mongols that were influenced into modern-day Russia
Yuan Dynasty
dynasty ruled by the Mongols
White Lotus Society
organization that kicked the Mongols out of China
Ming Dynasty
dynasty after the Yuan Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.)
Mongol women
has a more independent life
monsoon winds
large annual winds across Indian oceans
Muslim traditions
traders spread trade through marriage
Swahili city-states
little towns created on coast of Africa due to Indian Ocean Trade Network
Zheng He
Muslim admiral that sail fleets from China
Trans-Saharan trade routes
traded gold, ivory, and salt using camels
considered most powerful trading society in Africa
largest city in Mali
founding ruler of Mali kingdom
Songhai Kingdom
takes power after Mali Kingdom fades
Mansa Musa
brought fame/fortune to Mali Kingdom
diffused by trade
religion/culture is spread by traders
Japan and Korea
influenced by China where Confucianism and Buddhism spread
Khmer Empire
Hindus and Buddhists lived together
Bantu/Arabic language
Christian city developed into thriving port (modern-day Istanbul)
Ibn Battuta
Muslim scholar/traveler who wrote about his journeys
Margery Kempe
English traveler who wrote about Jerusalem
champa rice
quick-maturing rice that increased population
environmental degradation
when an increase of population puts pressure on natural resources
trading networks
carried goods, knowledge, and plague