Art of the Renaissance: Exam 3

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Leon Battista Alberti
theorist, scholar, lawyer, artist. The 1st Renaissance Man. Wrote "On Painting". Believed perspective and learning how to draw was important for artists to learn.
On Painting
is considered the 1st theoretical text.
Borgo San Sepolcro (Tuscany)/ Worked a little in Florence/Arezzo
Where did Piero della Francesca work?
Not much symbolism in his works. Had light effects, very bright lighting, motionless, no emotion, and quiet.
What were Piero della Francesca's works like?
Misericordia Altarpiece (The Madonna of Mercy) by Piero della Francesca.
This piece is called what? Who created it?
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Baptism of Christ
This piece by Pierro della Francesco shows the use of reflected light. It is located at the Gordan River and shows Jesus and St. John.
This piece by Piero della Francesco is a quiet painting which shows no emotion. It depicts sleeping people and Jesus moving out of the tomb. It is in the town hall and also called "Borgo Sanselpolcro" or "Borrow of the Tomb of Christ".
Legend of the True Cross
Located in Arezzo (Church of San Frecesco). These frescoes/crucifix told golden legends.
A seed from the Tree of Life is placed in the mouth of Adam after his death. Later on, a tree grows from his grace. This tree is later used for the cross.
Describe "Death of Adam"
Titled "Palazzo Ducale" by Federigo da Montefeltro.
What is this building called and who built it?
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Fedrigo da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza. They made Sforza's face using a death mask.
This double portrait was of whom? How did they make the woman's face?
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bronze caster, worked with Donatello.
Adoration of the Child.
What was Piero della Francesca's last painting?
It is a technique of making inlayed wood. An example of this would be Studiolo of Federigo located in the Ducal Palace in Urbino.
What is the intarsia technique? What is an example of this?
Pedro Berreguete
Who created "Federigo and Son Guidobaldo" located in the Studiolo of Federigo?
Madonna and Child with Saints was created by whom?
The Medici Palace by created by? It has rusticated stonework.
Palazzo means?
The Vitruvian Man
illustration of the quote "the man is the center of the universe" by Leonardo da Vinci
The 1st floor of a house (is actually the second floor). Public floors are private.
What does piano noble mean?
Located in the Medici Chapel the frescoes titled "Adoration of the Christ Child" were created by?
Palazzo della Singoria (Palazzo Vecchio)
This is what the Medici's wanted their new palace to look like because they wanted to be seen as important.
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Library of the Convent of San Marco, located in Florence, was made by?
The Malatesta Temple
named after Sigismondo Malatesta (Ministery) Lord (condottiero) of Rimini. Made by Leon Battista Alberti
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The Ministery who was disloyal and shifty.
Roman Arched gateway
Where did Alberti get his inspiration from?
Leon Battista Alberti
This building located in Florence, was created by?
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Completed after Alberti's death. Brings back ancient Roman design. Influenced by the Basilica of Constantine.
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Facade of Santa Maria Novella
Located in Florence, created by Alberti.
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Rogier Van der Weyden
Considered the greatest Flemish painter in the North.
Brussels and elsewhere
Where did Rogier Van der Weyden work?
Influential compositions, divides up scenes/architectural elements. Has emotion, drama, takes his works head on.
Describe what Rogier Van der Weyden's artwork was like.
Crossbowman's Guild
What guild was "Deposition" by Rogier Van der Weyden made for?
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St. Luke
This painting by Rogier Van der Weyden is of which St. that is drawing the Virgin and child?
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Miraflores Altarpiece
These 3 panels by Rogier Van der Weyden show us the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. What is it titled?
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St. John
This piece by Rogier Van der Weyden tells the story of which St.?
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The Hospital Dieu
Located in France and owned by Nicholas Rolin. Was also know as the "Hospital of God"
Last Judgement Altarpiece
Used to be located in The Hospital Dieu. Shows Nicolas Rolin and his wife on the outside. The inside of this altarpiece shows the last Judgement scene.
The Columba Altarpiece
This altarpiece by Rogier Van der Weyden is titled what?
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Medici in Italy for a year and Nicholas Rolin in Beaune, France.
Who all did Rogier Van der Weyden work for?
Medici Madonna
The Madonna and Child with Saints was also known as?
Petrus Christus
worked in Bruges and in a workshop.
Petrus Christus
Goldsmith in his shop was made by?
Jesus is on the ground after being taken off the cross.
Describe the Lamentation by Petrus Christus.
Dieric Bouts
Who created this Last Supper Altarpiece? This is located in the Church of St.Peter in Louvain.
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The Resurrection
This piece made by Dieric Bouts was made with distemper on linen.
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Dieric Bouts
This piece titled Wrongful Execution of the Count is by? This piece was originally place in the Hall of Justice (courtroom) in Louvain
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Portinari Altarpiece
Commissioned by Tommaso Portinari; brought to Florence. The purpose of this altarpiece was for Portinari's son. Made by Hugo Van der Goes. Includes a woman dressed who protected children (Margaret).
The Madness of Hugo Van der Goes
This painting shows Hugo suffering mentally.
Hugo Van der Goes
Best painter since Van Eyck
Monforte Altarpiece
Also known as Adoration of the Magi. Made by Hugo Van der Goes. Hugo had sensitivity for his subjects.
Hugo Van der Goes
"Night Nativity" has cool lighting coming from baby Jesus. This is by?
Hans Memling
Altarpiece of the Virgin with Saints and Angels is by?
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Hans Memling
German artist, active from 1470's-1494
Shrine of St. Ursala.
By Hans Memling. Retells the story of St. Ursala and the 11,000 Virgins.
Hans Memling.
This Last Judgement Altarpiece is by?
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Gerad David
Lived in Brugge. Created Baptism of Christ Altarpiece, Judgement of Cambyses, Rest on the Flight to Egypt.