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An electronic component that can hold charge even when the computer is turned off or unplugged.
Static Electricity
Electricity produced by friction. Completely normal and harmless on your body.
Catastrophic Failure
It destroys the component beyond use.
Surge Suppression
Protects against very high spikes that could damage equipment.
Occupational safety and health
are a cross disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safe, health, and welfare of people engaged in a work or employment.
Safety and Health Policies and Procedure
A planned system of working to prevent illness and injury where you work by recognizing and identifying hazards and risks.
Entrepreneurs constantly develop new ideas and improve on existing services and products.
Data Loss
Happens when storage device like hard disk drive is formatted. Data on formatted device have already been destroyed or deleted permanently.
Data Corruption
Happens when data has been altered. The file is already on the storage but the content is no longer usable. Happens if the storage device itself is damaged or if the system is infected with a virus.
Upset Failure
The ESD damages the component and makes it not perform reliably. It is more difficult to detect because sometimes it works well, sometimes not.
Voltage Regulation
Filters the line to account for both brownouts and spikes
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
It provides backup power during a blackout
Physical Hazards
- Causes stress to the muscles/skeleton - Handling or lifting heavy tools
Input Devices
- Used to send data to the computer (Ex. Mouse, keyboard, microphone, webcam, scanner, etc.)
Mechanical Hazards
- Includes the work area, tools, equipment, and their parts
Power and Data Cable (Internal Cable)
- Used to distribute electricity from the power supply to the motherboard and other components.
Peripheral Devices
- These are the different devices that can be connected to the system unit to add functionality. - They provide the necessary interface for the users and to be able to do their tasks.
Electrostatic Discharge
What does ESD mean in technical terms?
Psychological Hazards
- Includes events, systems of work. Like stress, violence, bullying
Mini-ATX Motherboard
Specially designed with mobile on desktop technology that uses mobile CPUs for lower power requirement, less heat generation, and better application capability.
Presidential Decree 1586: Philippine Environmental Impact Statement System
Requires private corporations, firms, agencies of government to prepare EIS for every proposed projects.
Floppy Disk Drive
- It is a hardware device that reads data storage information - It was invented in 1967 by a team at IBM. - One of the first types of hardware storage that could read/write a portable device. - FDDs are used for reading and writing on removable floppy discs.
Risk Taker
Entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure.
Chemical Hazards
- Includes chemicals, materials, powder, dust, and vapors that has the potential to damage health.
System Unit
- Part of a computer that houses the primary devices that perform operations and produce results for complete calculations.
Having a firm belief in one’s knowledge and skills and the probability of success. Entrepreneurs must have very little or no self-doubt.
Adapter Card
- Also known as expansion card, is a circuit board you install into a computer to increase the capabilities of that computer • Video adapter card • Network Interface Card (NIC) • Wireless NIC or Wireless LAN card
Republic Act No. 8749: Clean Air Act (CAA) of 1999
Implements for a comprehensive air quality management policy program that aims to achieve and maintain healthy air for all Filipinos.
Energy Source Hazards
- Has the potential to cause harm. • Cold • Heat • Radioactive sources • High powered light • Noise • Electricity
Front Side Bus
What does FSB mean in technical terms?
Micro-ATX Motherboard
- A smaller variant of ATX form factor. - It is compatible with most ATX cases. - It has fewer slots than ATX and a smaller power unit.
Knowledge and skills are not enough for your business to be successful; you need hard work along with them.
Information Seeker
Entrepreneurs recognizes that no one knows everything and that they can learn priceless information from others.
ATX Motherboard
- It was produced by intel in mid 90’s. - It is the most popular form factors for motherboard.
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
- The brain of the computer that performs the calculations. - It is compromised of millions of logic gates that is used for variety of operations.
An entrepreneur must feel committed to what they are doing and care about it, if they do, then they have a high chance of being successful.
Able to be trusted for providing good services/products.
Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
- The storage medium in desktop, laptop, netbooks, servers, and mainframes. - It is a piece of hardware used to store digital content and data on computers.
Random Access Memory (RAM)
- It is where all the program execution and data processing take place. - It determines the amount of data that can be processed instantly and the size of number of programs that can run simultaneously.
Alternating Current
What does AC stand for in technical terms?
Optical Drive
- Refers to a combo CD/DVD drive in personal computer. - Used to access optical disk that is written and read by a laser light. - They are portable storage medium (Ex. CD and DVD).
Power Supply Unit
- Installed inside the PC case. - It converts 220-volt AC into DC voltages that are required by electronic component of the computer to function properly.
Profit Oriented
This is the very reason why an entrepreneur enters the world of business.
Output Devices
- Used to send data from the computer to user or another device. (Ex. Monitor, speakers, printer, projector, headset, etc.)
An entrepreneur must be dynamic and always on the move to make people successful.
Goal Oriented
An entrepreneur should have a clear plan and particular goals for getting the service or products to your market.
- Also called as mainboard, a printed circuit found in the computer. - Holds many essential electronic components of the system such as the CPU, memory, video cards, network cards, and hard drive. - Provide connectors for other peripherals.
Direct Current
What does DC stand for in technical terms?
Automatic Voltage Regulator
What does AVR mean?