The Atlantic World

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Where did Columbus think he landed?
What were conqueres that followed Columbus called?
What is Eurocentrism?
The practice of viewing the world from perspetive that proposes Europeans as superior
What are the 3 G's?
God, Glory, Gold
Who was the first one to mathematically to figure out that the European maps were very wrong?
Amerigo Vespucci
Who was the Spanish explorer that wanted to prove Columbus was right but died in the Indies?
Ferdinand Magellan
Who was the first European to cross Panama and go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific?
Vasco de Balboa
Who defeated the Aztecs?
Hernan Cortez
What China was to Asia, Aztec was to...
the Americas
Why did Cortez want to go to El Dorados (Aztecs)
For silver and gold
Who was the woman who helped Cortez and translated stuff for him.
Who was the Aztec emperor at this time?
Montezuma II
Why did the Aztec treat Cortez like royalty?
They thought he was a God
3 reasons the Spanish beat the Aztecs?
Guns and armor, diseases, help from other tribes.
Who conquered the Incas?
Francisco Pizarro
Where did Pizarro explore?
Northern areas of South America (Peru)
Where did Cortez explore?
Mexico/Central America
Who was the Incan ruler at this time?
After beating the odds and beating the Incans, what did the Ican ruler offer Pizarro in trade for freedom?
Filling a room once with gold and twice with silver. They fufilled their part but Pizarro stilled killed them
Spanish people born in Spain (1)
People who were born in Spain and had Spanish parents (2)
A person of mixed Native American and European parents (3)
Enslaved People
Brought from Africa/The Caribbean (5). (4) was the Native Americans.
After Spain conquers this land and makes huge profit off of it, what do they use the money for?
Spanish Armada - The Spanish navy used to expand territories, conquer more, protects any fleets bringing back the gold and silver.
Who explored Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth
Ponce de Leon
Who hears about the Golden City rumors and the tales of the Incans and Aztecians, so they sets out to look for his own natives, but doesn't find them and explores southwestern America.
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
a person sent by the Catholic church to spread their religion to the natives by building schools
Made by missionaries, they promoted belief in Christianity and taught about Christianity mainly in New Mexico.
Mission Schools
A system that allowed labor in exchange for goods/good treatment that did not work. It said that they could enslave the natives as long as you give them food, shelter, and convert them to Catholicsm.
De Las Casas
Priest who spoke out against Spanish treatment of Native Americans. If they wanted to convert them, they cannot abuse them. A huge voice in this argument.
Why did France come to the New World?
For money and trade with Asia
Who did France REALLY not want to run into?
The Spanish, so they landed very north.
What were the French looking for?
The Northern Passageway, a way to avoid the Spanish control near the Cape of Good Hope and get to Asia.
Which 2 explorers, inspired by Champaign, the dude who established Quebec, looked further south after learning about Canada's potential?
Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet
(True/False) France treated the natives kindly.
Good qualities of Jamestown:
Far away from Spanish, provides a river for protection.
Bad qualities of Jamestown:
Swampy, moquitoes, salty water
Cash Crop
a crop produced for its commercial value rather than for use by the grower.
Henry Hudson
The first explorer for the Dutch, bought Manhattan for cheap.
The French and Indain War
A war betweenn England and France to fight for the "Ohio Territory" (west of the Appalacian mountains). England starts off losing but beats France because of the dying natives + they spent more.
Treaty of Paris
triple the size of England's colony and gets the entire Ohio area they wanted. Spain got the rest of the land. This cost a TON of money.
King Philip's War
1675. longest and bloodiest conflict between settlers and natives in 17th century, native Wampanoags under KIng Phillip ( Indian Chieftain) resisted England encroachment on their land, they killed many settlers in Mass, English joined with Mohawks to defeat them
Why did the natives die?
Suicide, disease (smallpox, measles), and warefare
Difference between enslavement in Africa and enslavement in the colonies/Americas
In Africa, being a slave was a punishment. Also, they were treated like humas/like the owners family. America was NOT like this.
Why Africans?
1. They did not know their way around (unlike the natives who were native to the land) 2. Immunity to diseases that were killing off natives because they had built resistance. 3. Experienced farmers
Slave ships
Way more Africans then Europeans because they knew about 20% were going to die. They thought the more slaves the more money. The slaves were treated horribly and dehumanized.
Triangular Trade
1. Europeans bring manufactured goods to Africa 2. African merchants trade slaves for those goods 3. Europeans bring slaves to the Americas 4. Trade slaves for raw materials 5. Bring raw materials back to Europe to make processed goods (the colonies weren't allowed to process their own goods for control)
The Middle Passageway
The voyage of slaves from Africa to the colonies.
How did the Africnas resist being enslaved?
1. Breaking tools 2. Workig slowly 3. Uproot plants 4. Run away 5. Revolt
2 Main Impacts on Africa
1. Generations lost 2. Increase of violence
Columbian Exchange
The Columbian Exchange is all of the non-humans being transported in this time period (animals, crops, goods, etc)
An owner created a privately owned buisness that he pays for to create a profit.
Mercantilism is the belief that a countries power is depended on it’s wealth.
2 Ways countries gained wealth and power
1. (easy way) obtain as many resources as possible 2. Favorable Balace of Trade
Favorable Balance of Trade
Sell more goods than you buy
Joint-Stock Comapnies
A way to be able to profit with less risk by investors investing in your stuff.
Price of goods go up because VALUE of money goes down.