Napoleon Key Terms and concepts. Define/answer to prepare for the test. Use the short readings and the slides (don't go to Google and just copy and paste)

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25 Terms
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Island in the Mediterranean that Napoleon was born in.
Overthrown in a coup d’etat
Consulate/consul for life
1802 Napoleon is named consul for life.
a question put before voters.
the french annexed the austrian Netherlands
block access to ports in europe and seize ships
Continental system
It ends up hurting the European economy more than it hurts Britain
Joseph Bonaparte
napoleon's brother who was the new king of spain
Horatio Lord Nelson
killed in battle but defeats Napoleon
Czar Alexander
Leader of the russians who originally liked Napoleon
Duke of Wellington
the commander that defeated Napoleon after his 100 day in power
Brother of louis XVI named 18h to honor dead nephew
Prince Klemens von Metternich
an Austrian representative at the congress and was one of the strongest voices
napoleonic code
code of laws that included ideas of the Enlightenment- all citizens (male) equal under the law, religious tolerance, advancement based on merit.
Guerilla war
tactic that Spanish patriots used against the french
Scorched earth
Russian tactic to burn villages cities crops and anything they came across
Napoleon and the french army are defeated by the British after he seizes power for 100 days
Napoleon is forced to give up the throne of france
Hundred days
The amount of days napoleon retakes control of france
Island of Elba
The island that Napoleon was exiled to was to, small island in the Mediterranean.
Island of st Helena
2nd island Napoleon was exited to and was now treated like a war criminal
Congress of Vienna
A group whose goal is to bring peace to Europe
Concert of europe
it’s job was to maintain the balance of power. Acted like a police force.
Charles Maurice do Talleyrand
represented france in the congress of Vienna.
What were the results of the Congress of Vienna?
First, the map of Europe was redrawn without any consideration for national cultures- this will lead to many problems in the future. Second, monarchs were placed back on the throne in France, Spain and the Netherlands