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Human Activity
The driving force of Globalization.
the country which schools closed down due to air pollution.
United Nation
This country extends its military means globally through the support given by both Global North and South countries
Rising Sea Levels
This endangers major cities of the world.
The lungs of our Planet
one of the fastest sinking cities in the world due to rising sea level and over-extraction of groundwater
It improves the interaction between different countries and audiences around the world. It has transformed the world economy into a more open and autonomous system.
It means 'the earth is in a danger zone'.
Religious People
These people defined globalization as the proclamation and inculcation of their faith to other parts of the world.
These people defined globalization as educating people by teaching them not just to read and write but to adapt to the ever-changing technology.
These people define globalization as environmental awareness in all corners of the world to preserve natural resources and biodiversity.
These people define globalization as convincing other states or countries to embrace the same political views and promote common agendas.
These people define globalization as expanding their market throughout the globe as an economic actor seeking profit in the global market.
Economic Globalization
The intensification and stretching of economic interrelations around the globe. It encompasses such things as the emergence of a new global economic order, the internationalization of trade and finance, the changing power of transnational corporations, and the enhanced role of international economic institutions.
Political Globalization
The intensification and expansion of political interrelations around the globe
Military Globalization
The subdomain of Political Globalization, the intensification and stretching of military power across the globe through various means of military power (nuclear military weapons, radiation weapons simply weapons of mass destruction).
the 3rd powerful countries in term of military resources
3.4 Million people
china has how many people in their military service?
2.1 Million people
china has how many people in active service?
0.2 %
The military size of china of its total population
3,205 Tanks
How many tanks does china have?
$ 178 Billion
How much defense budget does china have?
The country that has the largest number of tanks
Military Globalization
This form of globalization occurs across offensive and defensive uses of power and survival in the international field
City of Manila or Manila City
one of the most vulnerable cities that will be flooded due to rising sea levels.
An islamic terrorist group.
September 11
when did Al-Qaeda attacked the United States of America?
a process that accelerates the flow and exchange of products and services, capital, technology, information, jobs, etc. across the globe.
The protectors of animals but now endangering them due to the desire for development at the expense of destroying the environment and other living things on the planet.
one of the major countries that will be affected by climate change (typhoons).
Environmental Problem
a major concern and perhaps the main consequence we have to pay to live the life we enjoy today.
Cognitive Intelligence
This is affected by air pollution based on the scientists' findings.
This is the country where Ebola came from.
This is the country where Covid-19 came from.
Civil Unrest
is one of the major problems that happen to the whole world primarily caused by differing convictions whether political, religious, or other chains of events. (riot)
Drug Addiction
A social problem. Some consider it a disease of the body and brain.
One of the lungs of the planet which is about the forest, nature, and wilderness.
one of the lungs of the planet that is about the sea and oceans.
Increasing sea levels and excessive groundwater pumping
Cause of sinking cities.
United Stated of America
The top 1 most powerful country in terms of military resources.
2.2 Million People
USA's number of people that are in military service
1.4 Million People
(USA) number of people that are in active service
6,100 Tanks
(USA) number of tanks
$ 740 Billion
(USA) defense budget
The 2nd powerful country in terms of military resources.
3.5 Million
(RUSSIA) number of people in military service
1 Million
(RUSSIA) number of people in active service
(RUSSIA) number of tanks
$ 42 Billion
(RUSSIA) defense budget
The 4th powerful countries in terms of military resources
5.1 Million
(INDIA) number of people in military service
1.4 Million
(INDIA) number of people in active service
0.4 %
(INDIA) the military size to its total population
(INDIA) number of tanks
$ 73 Billion
(INDIA) defense budget
the 5th powerful country in terms of military resources.
319 Million
(JAPAN) number of people in military services
250 Million
(JAPAN) number of people in active service
(JAPAN) number of tanks
$ 51. 7 Billion
(JAPAN) defense budget
Cultural Globalization
is the intensification and expansion of CULTURAL FLOWS across the globe.
is a very BROAD CONCEPT and has many FACETS, but in the discussion on globalization, STEGER refers it to “the symbolic construction, articulation, and dissemination of meaning.”
Ecological Globalization
type of globalization that focuses its topics on POPULATION GROWTH, ACCESS TO FOOD, worldwide reduction in biodiversity, the gap between rich and poor.
the ideology of globalization.
Market Globalism
it seeks to endow ‘globalization’ with free-market norms and neoliberal meanings.
Justice Globalism
It constructs an alternative vision of globalization based on egalitarian ideals of global solidarity and distributive justice.
Religious Globalism
they seek to mobilize religious values and beliefs that are thought to be under severe attack by the forces of secularism and consumerism
Nongovernmental Organization
what is the meaning of NGO?
Intergovernmental Organization
What is the meaning of IGO?
World System Theory
is a perspective that globalization is simply the expansion of the capitalist system.
Core Countries
Countries that are the main purpose in the diagram is to show that they are the sources of high-profit goods.
Periphery Countries
Countries that are the suppliers of labor and raw materials.
World Polity Theory
It emphasizes the influence of norms and culture, not power. It is either culture-based action or interest-based action.
when a particular place becomes richer the prices also need to increase.
Free Trade Agreement
A trade pact between countries that reduces tariffs for certain products to the countries who sign the agreement.
Preferential Agreement
All members are free to import and export goods and services among themselves.
Customs Union
Composed of a free trade area with a common external tariff. It includes increasing economic efficiency and establishing closer political and cultural ties between the member countries.
Common Market
Each member country adopts a common external tariff. Countries also allow free trade and free movement of labor and capital and resources among the members of the group.
Economic Union
the agreement of some nations to allow goods, services, and people to move over the borders freely. An example of this is the European Union.
Full Integration
the merging of two (2) separate people or things into one.
Membership Fee
this is what countries that are a part of the European Union have to pay
European Citizens
What do you call the citizens of the countries that are a part of the EU?
Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein,
The 3 countries in European Economic Area
European Economic Area
These are the 3 countries, namely Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, that are free to go to other countries that are a part of the EU but they are not part of the EU and they can't have a say about the laws in it but they have to follow it.
Schengen Area
this area has an agreement that there will be no walls, patrollers, or the need to show one's passport to go past the borders. The citizens are free without boundaries.
Euro Area or Eurozone
are the countries that are part of the EU that adopted the use of euros as their currency.
the withdrawal of a country from the European Union.
United Kingdom
The country that want to leave the European Union.