oncology objectives

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what does stage 0 indicate
cancer in situ (cells haven't spread)
what does stage 1 indicate
tumor limited to tissue of origin
what does stage 2 indicate
limited local spread
what does stage 3 indicate
extensive local and regional spread
what does stage 4 indicate
what does Tx indicate
cant be assessed
what does T0 indicate
no evidence
what does Tis indicate
hasn't spread
what does T 1-4 indicate
level of involvement
what measures can be taken to prevent cancer and promote health
reduce smoking and alcohol, balanced diet and increased activity, sunscreen, regular health screens
what diagnostics can be used for cancer
biopsies, scans, blood work
what are the warning signs of cancer "CAUTION"
change in bowel/bladder habits a sore that doesnt heal unusual bleeding/discharge from an oriface thickening or lump indigestion and difficulty swallowing obvious change in wart or mole nagging cough or hoarsness
what is the action of chemotherapy
eliminate or reduce the number of cancer cells
how are chemotherapy meds prepped
must be trained, prepare in a special area, do not handle if pregnant or a student
what are the side effects of chemotherapy
alopecia, bone marrow depression, cognitive issues, increased risk for infection and bleeding
what are the precautions for a patient on chemotherapy
pt waste is biohazardous (double flush the toilet with the lid closed and double glove when handling)
what patient education should be completed for a chemo patient
check temp regularly, increase fluids, wash hands, good oral hygiene, report any abnormalities to HCP
what is the hormone treatment for prostate cancer
androgen supression
what is the hormone treatment for breast cancer
estrogen supression
what is the action of radiation
damages DNA of rapidly dividing cells
what are the side effects of radiation
fatigue, bone marrow depression, mucous membrane and skin reactions
what precautions should be taken for a patient receiving radiation
work on opposite side of implant, cluster care to limit time, wear lead apron, wear radiation monitor
what is the action of immunotherapy
enhance immune cell activity
what are the side effects of immunotherapy
flu-like, fatigue, weak, low blood cell counts
what are some rules for therapeutic communication
ask open ended questions, no "why" questions, don't provide false reassurance
how is chronically ill defined
disease that can be managed and controlled
how is terminally ill defined
disease has timeline and will lead to death
what medication is used for pain management in end of life care
opioids such as morphine
how much morphine should be given to end of life patients
as much as they need to be comfortable
what are the side effects of morphine
respiratory depression, sedation, urinary retention, constipation
what is hospice care
supports patients with terminal or life limiting illnesses and their family through the dying process
what is palliative care
prevent and relieve suffering and support the best quality of life
what is an advanced directive
document of ones health wishes for when one can no longer make decisions for themselves
what is primary cancer prevention
avoidance of a cancerous condition
what is secondary cancer prevention
early discovery and removal of precancerous conditions and small cancers before they metastasize