Era of the Common Man

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Spoils system
the widespread award of public jobs to political supporters after an electoral victory
American System
the mercantilistic system of national economic development advocated by Henry Clay and adopted by John Adams -- similar to commonwealth system of state government
internal improvement
public works such as the construction of roads and and bridges
corrupt bargain
a politically corrupt bargain in which Henry Clay influeneced the vote to get J. Q. Adams elected in turn Henry Clay bcame secretary of state
Tariff of Abomination
a new protective tariff imposed, very unpopular in the South, that raised taxes significantly on raw materials, textiles, and iron goods
the constitutional argument advanced by John C. Calhoun that a state legislature could void a law passed by Congress
States' Rights
an interpretation of the Constitution that exalts the sovreignty of the states and circumscribes the authority of the narional govt.
Trail of Tears
The foreced westward journey of Cherekees from their land in Georgia to present day Oklahoma in 1838- a quater died
second national party, arised from the contessment of Andrew Jackson's polocies
Specie circular
an excecutive order that required the Treasurery Department to accept only gold and silver in payment for lands in the national domain
a meeting held by a political party to choose candidates, make policies, and enforced party discipline
Daniel Webster
a nationalist who supported the interpretation that celebrated popular svreignty and Congress responsibility to secure the "general wellfare"
John C. Calhoun
a radical in support of states rights and loaclaist federalism
Martin Van Burren
a powerful political leader thant believed in the establishment of factories
Andrew Jackson
a war hero who became president known for his cruelty and sterness