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Need to know key events, laws, and actions of these presidents.

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George Washington
Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution (1732-1799)---Creates national bank---Bill of Rights---Neutrality Proclamation of 1793---Whiskey Rebellion---Jay Treaty---Farewell Address
Thomas Jefferson
Louisiana Purchase---Louisiana Purchase---Lewis and Clark exploration---12th Amendment---Marbury v. Madison---Embargo Act of 1807---Slave trade ban official
John Adams
XYZ Affair---Alien and Sedition Acts---Quasi War with France---Federal Bankruptcy Act---Washington becomes capitol
James Knox Polk
Mexican War---Texas Annexed---Irish "Great Potato Famine"---Gained Washington, Oregon and Idaho, as well as parts of Montana and Wyoming.---49th parallel---California Gold Rush
Abraham Lincoln
Civil War --Emancipation Proclamation---Fort Sumter --- Greenbacks --- 10% Plan --- Suspends Habeas Corpus
James Madison
Non-Intercourse Act---Star Spangled Banner---Nationalism---War of 1812---Burning of the Whitehouse
James Monroe
Adams-Onis Treaty (Florida)---The Missouri Compromise-- Monroe Doctrine (1823)---Gibbons v Ogden---McCulloch v Maryland.
Andrew Jackson
opposes Second Bank of the United States---Indian removal act---nullification crisis---President for the common man"---pet banks---spoils system---trail of tears---terminates national debt
Franklin Pierce
"Bleeding Kansas"---Gadsden Purchase---Kansas-Nebraska Act---Sumner attacks Brooks on senate floor
John Tyler
Commonwealth v. Hunt---Signs Joint Resolution for Texas Annexation---Florida becomes a state
James Buchanan
Dred Scott Decision---Congress Votes on Admitting Kansas---Minnesota, Kansas, Oregon Joins Union---Harper's Ferry Raid---South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas secedes
Martin Van Buren
The Panic of 1837---Independent Treasury Act---Ending the Aroostook War