Alice through the looking glass

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Who wants alice to wave her handkerchief at him as he leaves
The knight
What did the queen turn into after she pricked her finger
A sheep
What does alice want to be in the chess game
A queen
What is the name of the poem that was backwards
The jabberwocky
What way/pattern that the countryside in the looking glass world is arranged
A chess board
What is the object that tweedledee and tweedledum fight over
The rattle
Who does alice pick up out of the hearth of ashes
The red king and queen
What begins to melt so alice can get through to the other world
The looking glass/mirror
Who gets very mad that alice gets a "belt" and a "cravat" mixed up
Humpty dumpty
Who tells alice that he will believe in her is she believes in him
The unicorn
Who dreamed about looking glass world at the end
We dont know
Which memory does alice most easily remember from her adventures in the looking glass world
When the knight was recitimg poetry
What is the knights problem
Keeps falling off horses
In chapter 8, alice ends with finding what on her head
Golden crown
How old is alice
7 1/2
What does alice purchase from the sheep
An egg
Who were fast asleep and snoring on Alice’s shoulders
The 2 queens
What was alices first trouble in reciting the jabberwocky poem
It was written backwards
What is the insect that talks in alices ear
A gnat
What does Alice try to turn kitty into
the red queen