SG: Organization of the Nervous System

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Stimuli means
The two types of nervous system
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What does CNS consist of?
Brain and Spinal Cord
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What is PNS?
Nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.
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PNS is dividend into two branches. Name them.
Sensory (afferent) division and Motor (efferent) division
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Senosory (afferent) division
Conveys impulses to the CNS. (Think of sense organs, they convey info to the brain)
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Sensory (afferent) division is divided into two more parts. Name them.
Somatic sensory fibers and Visceral Sensory fibers
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Somatic sensory fibers
Deliver impulses from the skin, skeletal muscle, and joints. (starts with S, so think of skin and bones)
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Visceral Sensory fibers
Deliver impulses from visceral (internal) organs. (Remember using visceral = internal organs)
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Motor (efferent) division is divided into 2 parts. Name them
Somatic (voluntary) nervous system and Autonomic (involuntary) nervous system.
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Somatic (voluntary) nervous system
Allows conscious or voluntary control of skeletal muscles. (DO NOT CONFUSE WITH SOMATIC SENSORY FIBERS)
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Autonomic (involuntary) nervous system.
regulates events that are automatic or involuntary. (remember, it has auto in the beginning so it controls automatic responses)
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Autonomic (involuntary) nervous system can further be divided into
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic
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Fight or flight. (think of when you are sympathetic towards climate change, you want to fight back)
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Rest and digest. (think of para as half sympathetic, when you have half of it, you sleep to gain more of it, so para is something with rest)
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Top most organ of the CNS
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Brain is divided into 4 parts. Name them
Cerebrum, Diencephalon, Brain Stem and Cerebellum.
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Brum = Drum. Huge and Makes up most of the brain.
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Ridges. (Think of GRI (kinda like MRI). Gyri, ridges, inside part,)
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Grooves (Remember using SGO (kinda like NGO): Sulci, Grooves, outside)
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4 parts of Cebrum
Frontal Lobe, Pariental Lobe, Occipital Lobe and Temporal Lobe
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Frontal Lobe manages
Decision-making (Think of Front part, manages decisions)
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Parietal Lobe
Touch (think of parent's touch)
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Occipital Lobe
Vision (Think of occupation. Remember using Occupation = vision)
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Temporal Lobe
Smell and Hearing (Temples are located top of your ears, so thus remember that they mange hearing and smell)
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Two Specialized regions of Cerebrum
- Somatic sensory area: Receives impulses from the body’s sensory receptors (except special senses) - Primary motor area: Sends impulses to skeletal muscles
Which part of the brain is located on top of brain stem?
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3 parts of Diencephalon
Thalamus, Hypothalamus and Epithalamus.
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Relay station for sensory impulses (taste, sight, hearing, equilibrium) except for olfactory neurons (sense of smell). (REMEMBER: T [halamus] = T [taste]. From that, just remember it's senses)
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Homeostasis (Body temperature and metabolism). (REMEBER: H = H, so hypothalamus = homestatis)
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Part of the Hypothalamus. Known for learning and motivation. (Think of hippo (from the hypotonic thing) = learning (something new))
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Hippocampus is part of ____
Hypothalamus (Think of hypotonic = hippo from the cell tonicity thingy)
Which part of the brain is very close to the Spinal Cord?
Brain Stem (Think of like a stem of a plant, just rooting itself from spinal cord)
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Reflex centers for vision and hearing. (DONOT CONFUSE, Midbrain is located in the middle of BRAIN NOT BRAIN STEM, it's actually located in the top of Brain Stem) (REMEMBER: Think of the brain stem like your face. Mid brain is located at the top most part, so the topmost part of your face is eyes and ears. So it manages vision and hearing)
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Bulging center part of the brain stem. It manages Sleep. (Pons = ponds. ponds is a makeup company. So just remember that you put on your face makeup mask at night before you sleep)
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Medulla oblongata
The lowest part of the brain stem. Manages: - Heart rate control - Blood pressure regulation - Breathing - Vomiting - Swallowing REMEMBER all functions Using the acronym M=HBBSV (Mother = Help Baby Breathe by Vomitting Syrup)
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Provides coordination of body movements to maintain balance coordination and posture. (Remember using: bellum = bella = balance)
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