Motor Control Midterm 2

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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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integrates feedback during the course of an action ex. thermostat turns heater on if temp falls below a specific number or turns ac on if above specific temp
aka plant, is being controlled (inputs are applied to it)
generates control inputs (gives rules to controlled system)
made up of a controlled system and controller to achieve a required behaviour
1. AG1 (agonist) bring muscle toward target 
2. ANT (antagonist) opposing muscle turns on to slow down/stop movement
3. AG2 final burst of agonist muscle to keep correct path

ex. of open-loop control bc not enough time to integrate feedback (movement is essentially pre-planned)
fastest RT occurs when visual and auditory stimuli are combined
the amount of info/questions needed to reduce uncertainty by half
task A = simple RT
task B = simple RT + one action
task C = simple RT + multiple actions

*more complex actions affect response programming
if task A is more complex, less resources remain for task B
False; PRP is inversely proportional to SOA
False. young adults' movements are smoother/faster and with LESS corrections that older adults' movements
1. pretest will be a straight like have 0 error
2. performance will jump to a high amount of error and be negatively accelerated until 0 error is achieved
3. post will have a jump in error in the opposite direction
1. pretest will start with high error 
2. during performance, graph is negatively accelerated until error is v low
3. post will have low error