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Carl Yung's main ideas?
- Popularized the terms introvert and extrovert - shadow aspect of our own personalities
Why wasn't MLK a good for good fit for what Rosa Parks did?
He was a much better public speaker and motivator with a huge sense of charisma. Park had a bold temperament and was quietly spoken.
Main point of Lauras story?
there is amazing strength in introverts in difficult situations
Ignaz had a 1/10 death rate for mothers dying, what was the problem?
hand washing
What was Toms problem?
He doesn't know he has a problem
What does it mean to be in the box?
We enter the through self-betrayal and she others as mere objects.
What does it mean to be out of the box?
Is noticing our self-betrayal, we make a choice and choose to honor and willing and able to make compromise in a conflict.
an act contrary to what I feel I should do for another
What were Cains three main points?
-we live in an "extrovert idea" -introverts have power (Rosa Parks) -different situations call for introverts and extroverts
What's an example of Tom being stuck in the shadow?
Shadow: He's a hard worker, first on eat work and last one to leave Real True Self: He thinks he is better than everyone else
The term _____ refers to aspects of a person that are defined by his or her terms of group membership?
social identity
What are the 5 types of social identity in the article?
ethnicity/religion political affiliation relationships stigmatized identities (a)vocations
refers to a specific condition that exist when one holds two or more social identities.
one views themselves in a particular social category and takes on the stereotype that defines them.
example of religion/ethnicity
- jewish - aisan - christian
example of political affiliation
-feminist -republican
example of relationship
-mother -daughter -uncle -widow
example of a(vocations)
- artists - veteran
example of stigmatized identities
- homeless -addict -alcoholic
Debbie Mullan
She was from Virginia and had divorced parents. Her dad was from Iowa, religious and a republican. Her mother was from India, not religious and a democrat. She often toggled back and forth, molding to each parents' household.
Debbie Mullan's family dynamic is an example of
minimal group paradigm
What was the Puzzle of Motivation (candle stick problem)
Candidates were handed matches, thumbtacks and a candle. One group was offered a reward and the other was not. The group with no incentive but to complete the task did better than the group motivated by a reward by 3 1/2 minutes. The second time it was done he gave the reward group the task to complete the puzzle with the tacks out of the box and they completed it faster.
What is Intrinsic motivation?
inside of you, people motivate themselves when it comes to complex ideas, such as learning a language to grow their personal knowledge
What is Extrinsic motivations
outside of you, people on the outside motivating you towards a task. A teacher saying if they don't miss any class the whole year, they get an extra 5 points on to their final grade.
What are the 3 intrinsic motivators?
autonomy, mastery and purpose
Key take aways form the Puzzle of Motivation?
- treating people like people, not machinery -intrinsic motivation is powerful -if than rewards don't work (only in very few cases)
rewards lead to...
narrow focus and dull thinking
what are the 24-hour grace periods in Australia called?
Fed-ex days
French and Ravens 5 sources of power
expert, referent, legitimate, reward, coercive
Expert power
knows subject well ex: consultant
Referent power
personal power that’s based on interpersonal relationships ex: coach/RA
legitimate power
form of power that is based on the perception that someone has the right to prescribe behavior Ex: law enforcement
reward power
is a form of power that is based on the perceived ability to give positive consequences or remove negative ones. Ex: raise, bonus, promotion
coercive power
power that comes from the threat of force or punishment ex: cancel culture
frustration regression hypothesis
when a person is unable to satisfy a higher-level need, they may regress to lower-level needs as they appear to be easier to satisfy.
Alderfer writes about the
frustration regression hypothesis
Maslow's hierarchy of need in order from lowest to highest
physiological needs, security needs, belongingness, esteem needs, self-actualization needs
"There's a mismatch between what ____ knows and what ____ does?
science, business
reward will _____ our focus according to Pink
Alderfer say E.R.G. stands for
Existence, Relatedness, Growth
What does ROWE stand for?
Results only Work Environment
"Existence in Alderfer's constrict matches with Maslow's?
physiological, and security
Extrovert Ideal
the omnipresent belief that the ideal self is gregarious, alpha, comfortable in the spotlight
Gardner writes, “I think of intelligences as a set of relatively independent ______.”
What are Gardner’s 8 intelligences?
a. Linguistic intelligence b. Logical mathematical intelligence c. Musical intelligence d. Spatial intelligence e. Bodily – kinesthetic intelligence f. Interpersonal intelligence g. Intrapersonal intelligence h. Naturalist intelligence
linguistic intelligence
Intelligence of words. People with this type of intelligence enjoy reading and writing.
Logical mathematical intelligence
Ability to reason, solve problems, and learn using numbers, abstract visual information, and analysis of cause-and-effect relationships
Musical intelligence
The capacity to create, perform, and appreciate music.
Spatial intelligence.
The capacity to form mental imagery of the world
Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
The capacity to solve problems or fashion products using your whole body, or parts of your body, like your hands or mouth
Interpersonal intelligence
involves the understanding of other persons
Intrapersonal intelligence
is the capacity to understand oneself
Naturalist intelligence
involves the capacity to make consequential distinctions in nature—between one plant and another, among animals, clouds, mountains, and others similar
What's the 9th intelligence by Gardner
existential intelligence as an ability to delve into deeper questions about life and existence - "intelligence of big questions"
growth mindset
belief that you can cultivate and improve upon your abilities through practice and effort.
fixed mindset
belief that your intelligence, talents and other abilities are set in stone. You believe that you're born with a particular set of skills and that you can't change them.
internal locus of control
belief that you can control whatever happens to you. It means your personal actions are influencing the outcome.
external locus of control
you generally believe things happen to you and you can’t change that
what does pink mean when he refers to mastery?
it revolves around being able to carry out optimal experiences where the challenges we face help us to grow and stretch our capabilities
ERG was created by who
A person with a growth mindset is someone who can look at their faults and learn
Who did the Fixed and Growth mindset
Which author wrote about in the box and out of the box
In Dwecks Ted talk, she says we should praise children, what does she mean by this?
Process praise, not the next best grade but how they get there. Working hard.
In Dwecks Ted talk what did the game reward children with?
Effort, strategy and progress
The words yet or not yet give children...
greater confidence
Children in the South Broncs, New York and native American reservations did what...
achieved equality and a greater set of intelligence