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If the house requested a recess for 3 days - who do they submit it to? -
the senate
After a committee member creates a bill, it is presented to the ______ for debate
Compared to the house of representatives the senate is _______ than the house of representatives
much smaller
Article 1 section 8
list of expressed powers
Examples of expressed powers that collect money
things that were defined in congress
what is the Power to regulate with foreign countries (commerce)
trade (NOT answer choices foreign countries, or bankruptcy)
what is a filibuster
a delay tactic used only in the senate and its almost unrestricted
Article 1 section 2 is dealing with a lot of term limits The house of representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people
term limits, length of service
a joint committee is when you take members of the house of rep and the senate and put them together Join committees are like conference committees
except that they're temporary
if the congress makes a car exchange what is it?
Implied power by the federal government
Gibbons v oden
added transportation of people to commerce,
This article of the constitution (1, section 8, clause 18) allows congress to do what
allows them to interpret the expressed powers broadly
when a bill is engrossed that means its put to a vote
There is a clause inarticle 1 section 2 of the cons that talks ab representation - there must be at least 1 rep per state, equal in population
rapprochement act of 1929
Term 15 / 17 Map where some states are yellow purple... - shows how many reps each state had New york loses 2 reps, florida gains 2, what does this tell you about the migration
people migrated north to south
president signing a bill from congress, what's happening next to it
becomes a law once signed
politician at blooimndale park for a ribbon cutting, what type of role are they doig at that moment (politician doing something)