Gov: Unit 3

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powers that are explicitly expressed in the constitution
expressed powers
powers of the national government derived from the enumerated powers
implied powers
paid by the person imposed
direct tax
paid by one person and passed to another
indirect tax
the government spending more than it makes in taxes per year
deficit spending
all the money the U.S has borrowed over the years and not paid back yet plus interest
national debt
to print and coin money to regulate the value
currency power
the crime of printing money illegally
grants a person the rights to any art
the exclusive right to an author to reproduce his creative work
word or symbol that represents a good
congress can tax
congress can't tax
to regulate the process of how foreigners become a U.S. citizen
to regulate the process of how the bankrupt persons assets are distributed among who it is owed
power to take private property for public use
eminent domain
carry out expressed powers
necessary and proper clause ( also known as elastic clause)
kick someone out of office
investigate matters related to legislative powers
investigatory power
congress has the power to create inferior federal courts
expressed- collect taxes implied- establish IRS
list one expressed power and what logical implied power would be under that
district court, circuit courts, supreme court
what are the different levels of the court system
according to hamilton, is the house or the senate a stronger a house?
according to jefferson, is the house or the senate a stronger a house?
article 1 section 8 of the constitution
where does the congress gain their expressed powers from
must be legal, new, useful, and non-obvious
what is required for a patent?
to gather info, oversee operations, focus on public attention, expose questionable activities, and promote interests
what reasons might congress investigate?
the authority to make laws
which of the powers is the most important to the united states citizens
power to tax power to patent and copyright power to create courts power of naturalization power of the postal office power of federal land power of military
what are the powers of congress?