History WW2 (unit 2)

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Which of the following groups faced persecution in Nazi Germany?
Jewish Blacks Roma Disabled LGBTQ Gypsies Communists
When did the League of Nations finally oppose Germany?
What does the event known as Kristallnacht refer to?
Nationwide event where Jewish shops, stores, synagogues got destroyed and people were assaulted and arrested, killed. Lots of glass was broken “Night of the broken glass”
In which country did Fascism originate
Italy Bundle of sticks + axe was symbol in ancient roman times (fasces)
What is the approximate number of Jewish refugees accepted by Canada between 1933-1945?
The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion consisted of Canadian volunteers who went to fight Fascism in which country
Spain They fought on the side of the Spanish republicans against the nationalists
Which Chinese city was subjected to 6 weeks of brutal massacre by invading Japanese forces
Nanjing (Southern Capital)
What event finally led Britain (and a week later Canada) to finally declare war on Germany?
German and Soviet Invasion of Poland
Which of the following countries did not have an alliance or non-aggression pact with Germany when the Second World War began in Europe? They had a Non-Aggression-Pact with
Soviet Union Japan Italy Slovakia
The evacuation of over 300,000 British and other Allied troops from northern France was called the ‘Miracle of ____’?
What advantages helped the Allies win the Battle of Britain?
Home field advantage The fact that the Germans bombed cities instead of airfields after a bomber raid on Berlin Superior Radar system Manpower (shot down fighters can go back in, and German bomber losses are a lot worse) Replacement aircraft
The day that Canadian soldiers fighting on Hong Kong surrendered became known as?
Black Christmas
The raid of Dieppe failed for all the following reasons EXCEPT
The allies were not ready to launch an all-out attack, but wanted to test German defenses, test out new equipment, gather intelligence, and provide a theatre of action for restless Canadian troops Airpower was the ONLY advantage we had which did not fail Failed because: ○ Allies lost the element of surprise when their ships encountered a German convoy in the English Channel (landing delayed until morning) ○ Landing sites were poorly selected ○ Germans perched on the tops of cliffs above the beach – able to fire shells at Allied landing craft when still 10 minutes from shore ○ Beaches were barricaded by seawall so tanks were useless
Canadian participation was crucial to this battle, called the longest of the war?
Battle of the Atlantic
Which of the following organizations did Canadian women NOT serve in?
They did serve in: Red cross Air force Army Medical service/corps Work force
Which Mediterranean island were Canadian soldiers essential in helping to liberate?
The Canadian capture of which Italian city was key to allowing the Allied advance up the peninsula to continue?
City of Ortona
Decorated Anishinaabe veteran Tommy Prince served in this elite multinational allied commando unit
Devil’s Brigade (nickname) First special service corps
Which of the five beaches targeted on D-Day was assigned to the Canadians?
Juno Other beaches: Sword Gold Omaha Utah
The First Canadian Army defeated the Germans in this hard-fought campaign, allowing allied supplies to reach the armies on the frontline faster?
Battle of the Scheldt
The Canadian army almost single-handedly liberated this country, and provided critical food aid and relief in the aftermath?
On February 14, 1945 Canadian and other Allied bombers destroyed the German city?
What number represents the approximate number of Jewish people murdered by the Nazi
6 Million
At the Nuremberg Trials, Nazi leaders were tried on which of the following counts:
War crimes Crimes against humanity Crimes against peace Conspiracy
Approximately how much money was raised thanks to the selling of Canadian victory bonds?
12 Billion
What methods were used by the Mackenzie King government to help regulate the Canadian economy during the war?
Wage freeze Price freeze Rationing Taxation Censorship and propaganda Industrial policy
What was the main reason that censorship was so widely practiced in Canada during the war?
To protect important imformation from leaking to enemies
Which of the following describes First Nations during the Second World War?
Highly decorated Specialized skill sets (marksmanship, lumberjacks) Leadership and courageous
Which slogan was used to describe the Canadian government’s approach to the controversial issue of conscription?
“Not necessarily conscription, but conscription if necessary”
Which groups were persecuted by the Canadian government during the war?
Japanese Germans Italians Communists
What was done to Japanese Canadians during the war
They were interned in camps
By the end of the war Canada’s industrial output was ranked ___ in the world?
4th in the world (big gap from 4-3)
Within a few years of the war’s outbreak, the percentage increase in the number of women working outside the home and earning a paycheck was?
The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan based in Canada trained military personnel in which jobs?
Gunners Navigators Aircrew Pilots Flight engineers Wireless operators Ground crew Bombardiers
Allied special forces personnel as well as European resistance fighters were trained at this famous (or infamous) Canadian facility?
Camp X
What were the responses to the war by Canadian civilians
Victory bonds Reading newspapers Rationing Volunteering
What were the major goals of the Newly formed United Nations?
To prevent war from future generations Protect fundamental human rights Promote social progress and better standards of life Maintaining justice and international law
Canadians were essential to drafting this world famous document (UN)?
Universal declaration of human rights
The war finally ended with the nuclear destruction of which two cities?
Hiroshima Nagasaki
Which of the major Allied Powers fought the longest during the war?