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Spaced Repetition

spaced repetition

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Preseptal and pretarsal
voluntary winking
Closing phase
Pretarsal portion
all of the above.
1. Fiber cells are amitotic whereas epithelial cells are mitotic in nature
2. Fiber cells are terminally differentiated whereas the epithelial cells are still differentiating
3. Epithelial cells are present only in the anterior portion of the lens whereas cells elongate from anterior to posterior portions of the lens
nutrients are exchanged via transcytosis
the duration of spontaneous blink is longer than the reflex blink
zero velocity of the closing phase
solely primary fiber cells
Endocytosis (transcytosis)
sorbitol cannot rapidly diffuse out from the intracellular compartments and therefore accumulates and cause osmotic water uptake by lens cells
low oxygen concentration and lack of mitochondria in fiber cells
enzymatic in nature and yet act as structural proteins
Reduce oxidized glutathione by glutathione reductase
Tricarboxylic cycle
Ribose 5-phosphate and NADPH
reflex blink
closing phase
pretarsal portion
Phosphofructokinase is the rate-limiting enzyme
alpha crystallin
with enzymatic activity
excessive amount of glucose (under diabetic conditions)
Instant of the reversal between opening and closing phases of a blink
aldose reductase
1. lacks mitochondria in the majority of cells
2. has low oxygen concentration in the majority of cells
Hexose-monophophate shunt
Endocytosis (transcytosis)
nutrients are exchanged via transcytosis
aldose reductase
reduction of oxidized glutathione by glutathione reductase
crystallin aggregation is prevented
gap junctions
greater protein concentration in the center than in the periphery
Glucose is metabolized by aldose reductase