Biol 427 lab 3 (W/lab pics)

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American Bittern, Pelecaniformes Ardeidae
Dark brown streaks, Blackish malar stripe often seen with head up
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American White Pelican, Pelecaniformes Pelecanidae
Large bill with pouch
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Bald Eagle, Accipitriformes Accipitridae
White head is brown in juviniles
Barn Owl, Strigiformes Tytonidae
Heart shaped face
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Barred Owl, Strigiformes Strigidae
no tufts, vertical barring on belly, strong bars on wings white or brownish body
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Western screech Owl, Strigiformes Strigidae
Small horns. Dark bill
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Northern Saw Whet Owl, Strigiformes Strigidae
heart shaped face, tiny solid brown back medium pitch whistle (radar like) call
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Belted Kingfisher, Coraciiformes Alcedinidae
FEMALES have the red males have clean breast call: intsense loud sewing machine ORANGE BELT in females but not males
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Black Footed Albatross, Procellariiformes Diomedeidae
Black billed BLACK WEBBED FEET Mostly dark brown/black feathers.
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Common Loon, Gaviiformes Gaviidae
Color Pattern Rounded head Dagger-like bill Flat body and long neck when flying Summer- Black head and bill, block and white spotted back, and white breast Fall-Spring- Plain gray back and head White throat Behavior Stealthy divers; submerge with no splash to catch fish Habitat Quiet, remote freshwater NOTE THE OTHER MORPHS OF THIS BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Coopers Hawk, Accipitriformes Accipitridae
Larger, blockier head, more rounded tail Redish brown pattern on male bellies
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Double Crested Cormorant, Suliformes Phalacrocoracidae
Yellow orange stripe above loral stripe orangish gular pouch black body; brown juviniles Western breeding adults have eyebrow like feathers on head
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Downy Woodpecker, Piciformes Picidae
SMALL, all white belly, black and white spotted wings, BLACK LINE RUNNING THROUGH EYE, short bill, white stripe down the back and red mark on the back of the head, small black spots along the sides of white tail.
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Golden Eagle, Accipitriformes Accipitridae
Brown body feathers Golden nape
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Great Blue Heron, Pelecaniformes Ardeidae
Blue S-shaped neck when standing
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Great Horned Owl, Strigiformes Strigidae
modeling brown gray belly, big tufts, brown face common whoo whoo call
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Hairy Woodpecker, Piciformes Picidae
May not have the red spot in some of them Long bill Hindcrown spot is in males only Outer tail feathers are pure white
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Leachs Storm Petrel, Procellariiformes Hydrobatidae
Stropes on either wing visible when flying. Black bill and feet with pressure tube on bill
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Merlin, Falconiformes Falconidae
Brown or blue gray feathers
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American Kestrel, Falconiformes Falconidae
Blue-gray wing feathers in male Females are uniform brown with dark facial stripes
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Northern Flicker, Piciformes Picidae
Red nape Pale brown face Grey pattern on head Male has black whisker
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Northern Fulmar, Procellariiformes Procellariidae
discolored bill tip Air pressure tube on bill Light and dark morphs
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Northern Goshawk, Accipitriformes Accipitridae
Note the belly pattern
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Northern Harrier, Accipitriformes Accipitridae
Owl-like face, greyish, white speckled belly, black wing tips. Juveniles have unstreaked bellies
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Osprey, Accipitriformes Pandionidae
White chest, dark eye stripe, all dark upperside, crooked wings.
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Pelagic Cormorant, Suliformes Phalacrocoracidae
slender black bill, crests on top and back of head in breeding adults Black feathers in adults
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Peregrine Falcon, Falconiformes Falconidae
Muscular legs. Long wing tips
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Pileated Woodpecker, Piciformes Picidae
Red crest Shorter dark bill
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Red Breasted Sapsucker, Piciformes Picidae
Red Head
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Red Naped Sapsucker, Piciformes Picidae
Red area on head, black and white pattern
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Red Tailed Hawk, Accipitriformes Accipitridae
Adults have reddish-orange tail and pale underparts with light breast & obvious band of dark marks across belly. Immatures do not have a red tail.
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Spotted Owl, Strigiformes Strigidae
Spotted on brest as well
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Turkey Vulture, Cathartiformes Cathartidae
Red head lacks feathers Black body feathers, brown wings
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