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Process input to produce output
Algorithms are written in machine language
A computing agent___
Executes the instruction in an algorithm
Select all answers that are true
Data is communicated via networks
A hard drive is a __
Hardware component
Programming languages are informal languages that make suggestions that computers may or may not follow
Memory is ___
An ordered sequence of storage cells that can be accessed by address
The central processing Unit (CPU)is also called the __ of the computer
Ports are ___ that allow multiple clients to exchange data with the same server
A binary digit have __ possible values
Random access memory (RAM) is also called primary memory
Primary memory
Semiconductor storage media utilizes __ to store data permanently
Solid state circuitry
Optical storage media utilizes __ to store and access data
Laser technology
Machine code is ___
The language used directly by the computer
A loader is __
Copies programs from secondary memory to primary memory
Two major types of software are __
Systems software and applications software
A file system organizes data__
On secondary storage media
A terminal-based interface contains buttons, drop down menus and icons.
A touchscreen interface allows a user to enter input by __
Tapping and gesturing
Fortran, Cobol, Java and Python are___
High level programming languages
The text editor that we use to write our python programs is __
Syntax errors are caused by having too many window open
A virtual Machine is a hardware tool that behaves like a high-level computer.
The Abacus was one of the first __
The Jacquard's Loom was designed to accept input in the form of a
Set of punched cards
Herman Hollerith developed a machine that was used by the
U.S. Census Bureau
Boolean data is named after the British school teacher_
George Boole
Alan Turing developed the concept of a universal machine that could be specialized to solve any computable problem, and to demonstrate that some problems are unsolvable by computers.
The computer that calculated ballistics tables for the artillery of the U.S. Army toward the end of WW II was called the __
The early mainframe computers were larger than out classrooms
A compiler ___
Automatically converts instructions from a high-level language to machine language
____ applications that mimic human thinking and learning
Artificial Intelligence
___ ignores complex details
__ are used to build computers circuitry for memory and a processor
A solid-state device has moving parts
Moore's Law thats that processing speed and storage capacity will double every ___
24 months
Starting a payroll job at 10:00 PM Saturday night is an example of
Batched Processing
A CRT is a __
Cathode Ray Tube
The first process microprocessor chip was the ___
Intel 8080
Interactive 3D environments are called ___
Virtual Reality
Ignoring the complex details of a task or data structure is called___
A chunk of code that can be treated as a unit and called to perform a task is called a___
Functions may have optional and/or required arguments
All python programmers must have a __
Main Module
2***3+4*5 =
The __ is used to development software
Waterfall model
Programmers never go back to previous software development phases.
Variables serve __ purposes
There are __ types of python comments
1/4 has infinite precision
An arithmetic expression consists of __
Operands and operators familiar to from algebra
Python modules are __
Taken from libaries
The most expensive software development lifecycle phase is ___
The two python numeric data types are __
int and float
The planning and organizing of a program is called software development.
The software development life cycle beings with ___
A customer request
Programmers never return to an earlier phase of the software development life cycle.
A stylized half-English, half-code language written in English but suggesting program code is called ___
A logic error prevents the program from running
A set of tests cases that exercise the capabilities of a software component is called a ___
Test Suite
A sequence of two characters in a string, the first of which is / is called a(n)
escape sequence
A name that receives a value at program start-up and whose value cannot be changed is called a(n)
symbolic constant
If n is an integer variable, then you can represent a number in scientific notation by multiplying it by __
Arabic letters are contained in the ASCII character set.
When a loop the executes a predetermined number of times it is called a(n)___
Definite iteration
a+=3 is an example of a(n)
Augmented assignment
The out of for i in range (1.4): print(i) will be
1 2 3
Loop counter variables can count up or down
Selection statements allow a computer to make choices based on a ___
An if statement with no elif is a one-way selection statement.
To represent all possible outcomes of Boolean expressions, we use a ___
Truth Table
A while loop is also call a(n)___
Entry-control loop
A break statement will cause an exit from a loop.
The ___ method returns a random number
A statement that allows the computer to repeat or select an action is call a(n)__
Control statement
A structured loop consisting of an initializer expression, a terminator expression , and update expression, and a statement is called a(n)
for loop
A sequence of items ordered by position is called a(n)
Tabular format is the presentation of output in rows of data that are either left-aligned or right-aligned.
The number of columns used for output of text is called the ___
Field width
A prototype is ____
A tough draft or outline of a program, which runs but without its full functionality
The amount by which a counter is incremented or decremented in a count controlled loop is called the __
Step Value
A conditional iteration continues as long as a condition is true.
A loop is also called a(n)__
Tue first line of a loop is called the ___
Loop header
A disjunction uses the logical operator____
A conjunction uses the logical operator__
Adding all of the numbers in the range of a for loop will give you the ___
When the result of a loop is one less or one greater than the expected value, it is called the ___
Halting the evaluation of a Boolean expression after evaluation the results of the first subexpression is called ___
Short-circuit evaluation
A portion is a string called a ___
The subscript operator is ___
Attackers use ___ to observe data crossing wireless networks.
Sniffing software
If the Caesar cipher key is 5, every "a" in the plaintext will be replaced with a ___
The binary representation of 625 is ___
To convert from octal to binary, use two bits to represent each octal digit
To convert from hexadecimal from binary, use for bits to represent each hexadecimal digit
split() is a
A for loop treats as input file as a sequence of lines
The extension of a Python program file is ___
A data structure in which one cannot insert, remove or replace the values contained therein is a ____
Immutable Data structure
A compound unit consisting of several data values is a ___
Data structure
The relative position of a component of a linear data structure or collection is the __
Cipher text is the output of an encryption process
A numbers system that represents base ten-numbers, using the digits 0 through 9 is the
Decimal numbering system
The value resulting from raising a digit at a given position in a number to its base is the ___
Positional value
A data value that has an internal state and a set of operations for manipulating that state is a ____
An area of computer memory used to transmit data to and from external storage is ___
A method used to test other methods is a ___
The directory at the top of beginning of a file system is the ___
root directory
An operation that returns a subsection of a linear collection of is called ____
The input for an encryption process is _____
plain text
You must ___ cipher text to translate it to plain text
The len function returns the number of characters in its string argument
The directory that running a program is attached to is called the ___
Current working directory