Unit 2 Canadian Studies 30 - Important People

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Samuel de Champlain
- Father of New France - built trading post in Quebec ("where the river narrows") - established trade with local First Nations - mortal enemies of the Iroquois
Marquis de Montcalm
- French General in charge of defending Quebec - died one day of the Battle of Quebec (Sept. 1759) - sent 5,000 men to the Plains of Abraham from Beaufort
James Wolfe
- British Commander - poisonous relationship with subordinate officers - 1759, ordered to conquer all of Nouvelle-France - found a narrow goat path - positioned his men the Plains of Abraham - died on the battlefield
Guy Carleton
- concerned about discontent in Thirteen Colonies would spill to Quebec - annoyed by the bickering and complaining of British merchants - created two separate colonies: Upper (Ontario) and Lower (Quebec) Canada
- remained loyal to Britain when Declaration of Independence was declared - questioned how a small group of rebels could defeat Great Britain - 1782-1784, 100,000 migrated to BNA
James Murray
- first governor in BNA (1760-1763) - lenient approach towards French population - recalled to Britain (fired)
Lord Durham
- sent to find solutions to the problem that caused rebellions - called for a government that listened to the majority's wishes - identified the problems as a division between French and English - believed superiority of British Culture and Institutions
Sir Isaac Brock
- head of the Canadian Army - led Upper Canada to great victory of Fort Detroit - assisted by Tecumseh in return for land claims
- helped Brock against American Invasion - leader of Shawnee - gained the acknowledgement of land claims
George-Etienne Cartier
- represented Canada East - received invitation to the conference in Charlottetown - agreed a wider union would benefit all areas
Sir John A. Macdonald
- representative of Canada West - first prime minister of Canada (1867-1873) - invited to the conference of Maritime union between Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland
Joseph Papineau
- leader of the reform movement in Lower Canada - French Canadians saw the reform as a fight against assimilation - sought political asylum in United States
William Lyon Mackenzie
- leader of the reform movement in Upper Canada - sought political asylum in United States