World Regional Geography - Exam 4 Questions

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Which of these religions is the most followed in India? a. Hinduism b. Islam c. Christianity d. Judaism
A. Hinduism
T/F: India has high poverty rates.
Which is not one of the three main rivers that flow fro the Himalayas into India? a. Ganges b. Euphrates c. Brahmaputra d. Indus
B. Euphrates
T/F: The Himalayan mountains are made up of the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates.
Most to Least: List the countries of South Asia(India, Pakistan, Afghanistan) from most vulnerable to least vulnerable to climate change. a. Pakistan, India, Afghanistan b. Afghanistan, India, Pakistan c. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India d. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
C. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India
T/F: Volcanoes are one of the landforms present in Southeast Asia.
T/F: The Cassava Region in Indonesia is the least dense island in the region.
What is the climate of Southeast Asia? a. Tropical b. Arid c. Temperate d. Continental
A. Tropical
Which country in Southeast Asia has the world's largest Muslim population? a. Vietnam b. Indonesia c. Singapore d. Malaysia
B. Indonesia
Least to Most/Most to Least: Which female population age range in Indonesia stays the most consistent? a. 10-14 b. 85-89 c. 25-29 d. 65-69
C. 25-29
T/F: Gondwana is the piece of land that formed the entirety of Pangaea.
T/F: Due to European settlement and the clearing of farmland, only 23% of New Zealand remains forested.
What is the most common climate in Oceania? a. Pacific Tropical b. Mediterranean c. Desert d. Subtropical e. A and D
E. A and D
Which of the following is a landform created by a coral reef sitting atop a volcanic rock sometimes referred to as seamounts? a. Makatea b. Aotearoa c. Monotremes d. Invasive species
A. Makatea
In order from greatest to least, what are the most populist cities in Australia? a. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne b. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane c. Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney d. none of these are correct
B. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
T/F: South Korea is on a peninsula.
T/F: North and South Korea have different dialects.
What is the primate city of Mongolia? a. Beijing b. Seoul c. Ulaanbaatar d. New Delhi
C. Ulaanbaatar
After which war did Taiwan and South Korea emerge as rapidly industrializing countries? a. WW I b. WW II c. The Korean War d. The Vietnam War
Most to Least: List the countries in order from biggest to smallest based on landmass of the East Asian region: Mongolia, North Korea, China, Japan, and South Korea
China Mongolia Japan North Korea South Korea