Anatomy terminology lab 1 (copy)

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standing erect, looking straight ahead, arms at the sides, fingers straight, and palms facing forward thumbs facing outwards of body
toward the front of the body 
ex. nose and eyes are on the anterior aspect of the head
toward the back of the body 
ex. the vertebral column is located in the posterior portion of the body
upward or toward the head 
ex. the chest is superior to the hips
downward or away from the head
toward the vertical midline of the body
a cut from anterior to posterior, separating the body into right and left halves
a section parallel to a midsagittal plane
a cut in a horizontal plane separating the body into upper and lower portions
a section through the body which produces a front (anterior) portion and a back (posterior) portion.
contains heart and lungs, superior to diaphragm
contains primarily the major organs of digestion, inferior to the diaphragm
Contains urinary bladder, reproductive organs, and rectum, formed by hip bones
Right upper quadrant (RUQ)
Left upper quadrant (LUQ)
Right lower quadrant (RLQ)
Left lower quadrant (LLQ)
right hypochondriac, epigastric, left hypochondriac, right lumbar, umbilical, left lumbar, right iliac, hypogastric, left iliac
bending a joint towards the body
bending a joint away from the body
the circular movement at the far end of a limb (moving head in a circular motion)
Movement away from the midline of the body (going out)
Movement toward the midline of the body (going in)
turning the palm upward
turning the palm downward
Turning the sole of the foot inward
turning the sole of the foot outward
moving the thumb to oppose the rest of the fingers
movement of the lower jaw upward (closed)
movement of the lower jaw downward (open)
movement of the lower jaw forward
movement of the lower jaw backward
bony expansion carried on a narrow neck (top of femur)
rounded articular projection (bottom of femur)
smooth, nearly flat articular surface
Shallow, basin like depression in a bone, often serving as an articular surface
tiny pit or depression
armlike bar of bone (jawline)
large rounded projection
small rounded projection
narrow ridge of bone
sharp, slender, often pointed projection
Raised area on or above a condyle
canal-like passageway
a furrow in the bone
a very shallow furrow
Narrow, slit like opening
indentation at the edge of a bone
Air-filled cavity within a bone