Ch. 5: Toward Independence

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A small army made of ordinary citizens trained to fight in an emergency
Unjust use of power
Breaking an established rule or law
To take back/cancel
To continue to keep
Refuse to buy one or more goods
To place limits or controls on something
The government or controlling power
People that did not take a side with regard to the policies and laws of Britain.
Who were the neutralists?
Which group of Americans believed they were able to govern themselves and disagreed with Britain's policies and laws?
Which Americans felt deep loyalty to Britain and agreed with Britain's policies and laws?
Required colonists to pay taxes
How did the British government increase its control of the colonies?
Assemblies that passed laws
Before 1760, how did the colonists govern themselves?
Britain gained new territory and had a large war debt
What were the end results of the French & Indian War?
Proclamation of 1763
Which act (considered as tyranny) declared by the king ordered settlers to stay east of the Appalachian Mountains & Indians to stay to the west?
American Indians
Who benefited from the Proclamation of 1763?
Law that required all colonists to purchase a stamp for all printed materials
What was the Stamp Act?
No representatives to vote in Parliament
Why did the colonists resent the taxes Britain was placing on various items?
Sons of Liberty
Which group, led by Patriots, attacked tax collectors homes?
Repealed it
How did Parliament respond to the colonists' protests against the Stamp Act?
Townshend Acts
What laws placed a duty, or tax, on certain goods the colonies imported from Britain including glass, paint, paper, & tea?
Create anti-British propaganda
Why was the brawl that broke out between the colonists and soldiers, leading to several deaths, called the Boston Massacre?
Paul Revere
Who made engravings about the Boston Massacre to create propaganda to support the patriot cause?
Boston Tea Party
During which event did colonists disguise themselves as Native Americans and throw tea into the harbor?
Punishment for people of Boston after the Tea Party
Why were the Intolerable Acts put in place?
United colonies against Britain
What happened to the colonies once the Intolerable Acts were put in place?
Ungrateful rebels
How did many loyalists view the patriots?
As citizens of individual colonies
How did colonists view themselves in 1774?
To find a solution to the conflicts with Britain
What was a goal of the First Continental Congress?
Colonists were willing to fight for the right to govern themselves
What became evident when the colonists and British troops clashed at Lexington and Concord?
To keep the colonists safe from the American Indians
Why did Great Britain enact the Proclamation of 1763?
A law that required colonists to house and provide for British troops
What was the Quartering Act?
Britain was losing money
Why did the Townshend Acts fail?
British soldiers panicked during the riot and killed 5 colonists
What happened at the Boston Massacre?
He believed every person has a right to a fair trial
Why did John Adams defend the British soldiers at the trial of the Boston Massacre?
It gave the British East India Company a monopoly over tea sales in the colonies
What did the Tea Act do?