Virology: Additional Viruses

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HPV: characteristics
ds DNA virus, non-segmented non-enveloped humans targets epithelial cells
HPV: disease
acute or chronic infection warts: lack of immune response -clearance can occur with development of immune response cancer: cervical, penile, anal -viral proteins activate cell growth and suppress apoptosis
HPV: transmission
HPV: vaccine
yes (for some strains) -against structural proteins from types of associated with cancer
HPV: treatment
drugs: yes (rarely used) cryotherapy/acid to remove warts
HPV: prevention
safe sex, vaccination
Coronaviruses: characteristics
+ss RNA virus, non-segmented -proof reading enzyme (doesn't evolve as fast as it could) -has really large genome enveloped
Coronaviruses: types
SARS, MERS, SARS-2 (COVID) -zoonotic
Coronaviruses: disease
acute infection common cold -along with rhinoviruses, adenoviruses, RSV -circulate in humans
Typical coronaviruses
restricted to upper respiratory tract replicate @ 33-35 C usually receptors other than ACE-2 generate poor memory immune responses no vaccine or drugs
Coronaviruses: variants?
yes- different mutations
Coronaviruses: SARS-2
can go systemic (ACE-2) memory immune responses? -can block some innate immune responses -cytokine storm
Coronaviruses: SARS-2 treatment
drugs: yes vaccine: yes -recombinant -RNA
Monkey Pox: characteristics
ds DNA virus, non-segmented enveloped
Monkey Pox: disease
acute infection pox: filled with virus
Monkey Pox: vaccine
yes (limited supply) many potential vaccines based on smallpox vaccine -evidence for cross immunity
Monkey Pox: drugs
Monkey Pox: prevention
vaccination, avoid infected individuals
Arboviruses: characteristics
humans are dead end host
Arboviruses: transmission
insects -replicates inside the insect vector
Arboviruses: treatment
no drugs limited vaccines -yellow fever
Zoonotic: characteristics
humans are dead end host
Zoonotic: rodents
Lassa, Hanta
Zoonotic: Ebola
unknown vector passive immunization vaccines?
Zoonotic: Various mammals
rabies- neurological infection
Zoonotic: Rabies
"universal" virus passive immunization vaccine (post exposure)
Diarrheal Viruses
rotavirus (vaccine), norovirus, norwalk virus, astrovirus
infectious protein -no nucleic acid -convert normal host protein -can't do anything about them
Prions: transmission