Gilded Age

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Homestead Act
1862 law that gave 160 acres of land to citizens who met certain requirements and paid a small fee
Jacob Riis
Wrote "How The Other Half Lives" describing the deplorable conditions of the cities
Great Plains
area of the country settled by farmers brought to the area from the east by the Trans. RR
line between areas of settlement and those areas dominated by nature and Native Americans
Klondike Gold Rush
in 1896 miners were attached to the area by discovery of precious metals
American Indian Citizenship Act
Made all Indians citizens of the United States
single room apartments often without heating, lighting or sewage
Political Bosses
corrupt city government officials promising to provided services and jobs in exchange for votes
primary reason for growth in US cities by the early 1900s
Ellis Island
vast government center in New York City where most immigrants were processed into the US
cattle drive
movement by cowboys of cattle to rail stations in the north to connect to markets in the east
neighborhoods dominated by a single nationality , language or cultural characteristics.
New Immigrants
Immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe
Chinese Exclusion Act
1882 law that barred Asian laborers from entering the United States
push-pull factors
war, famine, drought, economic opportunity, education
Indian Wars
Little Big Horn, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek Massacre
Dawes Act
divided reservation into individual plots, each family received 160 acres to farm hoping to establish pride in ownership
political machine
unofficial city organization designed to keep a particular party or group in power
Process by which people of one culture merge into and become part of another culture
the growth of cities
Tammy hall
The most famous political machine designed to keep democrats in control of New York City
learning to dress, speak and act like other Americans
Boss Tweed
Manipulated New York City politics for his own benefit
favoring native born Americans over immigrants