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What is the definition of advertising?
The nonpersonal presentation of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor
According to Hunt, how many advertisements are we exposed to a day?
What are the 6 machines of show business?
Telegraph Photography Motion Picture Radio/ Recording Industry Television Computer Age
What is considered the fourth estate?
What three significant word-based movements created the “fiery word”
Protestant Reformation Puritanism The American Experience
According to Hunt, what is God’s chief choice of communication?
Define ethos, logos, and pathos
Ethos= ethics Logos = logic Pathos= emotion
What was the key defining factor of the dark ages according to Hunt?
Oral tradition took over the literate tradition and literacy faded
What is the known truth according to Hunt?
God’s Truth
According to Hunt, what are the first and second curriculum?
First curriculum: electronic media Second curriculum: school
What is the new curriculum?
What is a typographic mind and how does it think?
A mind shaped by reading. It thinks conceptually, deductively, and sequentially
What is the difference between communication and dissemination?
Communication occurs when a message is encoded and decoded by the receiver Dissemination is to scatter information far and wide. There is no direct target audience or strategic part of the process
What is the definition of a commodity?
Something that can be bought or sold
What are the three attributes to cultural upheaval?
Values Practices Artifacts
What made newspapers affordable to the masses?
The Penny Press
Hunt argues that the machines of show business have brought what back to life?
What are the top three psychological appeals of advertising?
Fear Sex Sense of belonging
What are the two types of purchases according to Hunt?
Impulse buy Considered purchase
What is the strategic communication process that creates mutually beneficial relations between organizations and their publics?
Public Relations
Contrast Modernism and Postmodernism
Modernism: idea of objectivity, word-oriented, “teach me” Postmodernism: idea of subjectivity, image- oriented, “entertain- me”
What degree does Hunt have?
A PhD in communications
Where was Hunt a professor?
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Name the 4 ways we can resist anti-intellectualism
Personal Home Church School
Technology is not ____
Compare a hero vs. a celebrity
Heros did something for notoriety Celebrities are just well known
List the major revolutions
Fundamentalism Nationalism Democracy Modern science Higher scholarship
What are the moral attributes
Innate sense of justice Understanding kindness Desire for wisdom Desire for truth/Truth
What is rhetoric
The art of using dialogue effectively to what ends
According to Hunt, what is education?
The ticket to personal advancement
What were the three revolutions according to Hunt?
Pictographs Printing Press Computer age
What is the meaning of “Pagan Idolatry?”
Thrives in the absence of the Written Word
Who called television a “Vast Wasteland”
Newton Minnow
What are three characteristics of Advertising?
Ubiquitous Repetition Style
What is divine revelation?
Communication of truth that cannot otherwise be known; demands a method of documentation and preservation
What is the difference between “truth” and “Truth”
truth= created truth Truth= the word of God
What was the university that Randy Pausch presented his last lecture at?
Carnegie Mellow University
Professional athlete whos photo was kept on Pausch’s desk
Jackie Robinson
What type of cancer did Randy Pausch have?
Pancreatic cancer
Who was the intended audience of the Last Lecture?
His children
What must be managed like money?
The period of history from 400AD to 100 and is a part of the Middle Ages?
The Dark Ages
What is the first college established in the American colonies
Where did Pausch say his natural habitat was?
On a college campus in front of students
What sports did Pausch love as a 9 year old child?
Where did Coach Graham go to college?
Penn State
What was different about the first day of practice conducted by Jim Graham?
There were no footballs
What character did Pausch aspire to be in the 1960s?
Captain Kirk
What adventure did Pausch’s family take when he was 8 years old?
They went od Disneyland
What did Pausch learn about brick walls?
They give people a chance to see how badly they want something
What is Alice and who developed her?
Software teaching tool, Carnegie Mellon
After Jai approached the stage, what did she whisper to Pausch?
“Please don’t die.”
What are the four parts of the American Experiment?
Information environment Printing press Passionate desire to deliberate The freedom to express all of the above
What is referred to as the Victorian internet?
Hunt examines postmodernism in what two cultural arenas?
College curriculum Church sanctuaries
What are the areas of resistance?
Personal resistance Resistance at home Resistance at church Resistance at school
What is the difference between Oral and Literate Cultures
Oral: think concretely and subjectively, have limited vocabularies, rely heavily on memory and focus primarily on the here and now Literate: think abstractly and objectively (known truth- Gods truth), have large vocabularies, process information in a detached and analytical fashion and are capable of grasping and learning FROM THE PAST
What created the “fiery Word”
The printing press
What is the chapter premise of Chapter 7: The image
Image based media have brought forth a revitalization of the pagan Gods in popular culture. The dominating components of today's media context-, sex, violence and celebrity - conform to a pagan ideal
What is the chapter thesis of Chapter 5: Something in the air
Electronic media have changed us and will continue to do so
What are two characteristics of a modern way of thinking according to Hunt?
Trust in reason Empirical truth
WHat is the transmission of signals messages over distance for the purpose of control
Is tendence towards relativism postmodernism or modernism
Knowledge and virtue are in jeopardy because contemporary thought are what two things?
Anti- intellectual and amoral
Idolatry is what?
Adoration of images, fascism of the eye
When Peter Sacks gave his students the question “what are the most important qualities in a teacher” what was their answer
The teacher must be entertaining
Who is considered the father of public relations
Edward Bernays
What are the 2 forms of entertainment explained by Hunt (and said to be avoided in Randy Pasuch’s class)
Sex and violence
Name 3 natural attributes given to us by God in his likeness
Intellect Emotion Volition (self determination) Dominionship Communicable ness
What was the point of pouring soda into the car?
To illustrate that people are more important than things
Where does our base concept of school originate
The Greeks
What were three unintended consequences of the invention of the telegraph
Split communication from transportation Obliterated time and space A new type of public conversation: provides information with little or no context
What are the three legs that the motion picture industry rests on according to hunt?
Wide audiences, big money, and celebrities
The most researched term in the 1990s on the internet was what?
What was Thomas Edison’s original intent of the motion picture?
To educate
Who was the man who invented the Christmas season
Charles Dickens
News is no longer gathered, it is ______
Narcissists culture worships
At the altar of self
What is Hunt describing: “A concrete and immediate, lurid; champions the personality of the ruler; the visual art.”
Name a societal impact of darkness
A very limited perspective.. No self discipline
What kind of music does Hunt prefer?
Traditional Hymns
According to John Adams, what two ingredients are essential for American Liberty to work?
Knowledge and virtue
What two elements does Hunt describe as TV’s favorite forte
Sex and violence
What provided the mechanics of the new entertainment industry
According to Hunt, what do images make the objects they portray become?
This man is known for the phrase “entertaining ourselves to death”
Neil Postman
This philosopher known in his relation to the term “Pathos”
What are the four freedoms outlined in the First Amendment
Freedom of speech Freedom to peacefully assemble Freedom of the press Freedom to petition the government for the redress of grievances
Two important factors that played a role in shaping colonial America according to Hunt
Education Existing media
What does it mean to be amoral?
To know what is morally right and choose not to do it
What is the adoration of images; fascism of the eye, pictorialism plus the will to power
What is media ecology
A desire for balance in the information environment
What are the four waves of resistance
Personal resistance Resistance at home Resistance at church Resistance at school
What are the susceptibility Hunt Discussed
The increasing use of image manipulation in the media blurs the lines between reality and virtual reality
What is the art of public persuasion; the art of identification
Name a characteristic of the naked public square
The replacement of relational debate with media manipulation
What did computers offer?
Speed, access, storage
Craft literacy
reading is restricted to a privileged class
social literacy
most of the people in the society can read
Aristotle’s meaning of persuasion
According to Hunt, which histories are more important
written histories
Deductive reasoning
logical process in which a conclusion is based on the concordance or multiple premises that are generally assumed to be true
Dominant medium of communication
What did the telegraph do

split communication from transportation

answers questions we did not ask

What did photography do

introduced the peekaboo world

What did the motion picture do

we amuse ourselves by watching someone else for the first time perform on a giant screen

What did the radio do

make us lose ourselves in a fantasy world (War of the World)

What did television do?

Was a medium not designed for serious public discourse

What did the computer age do?

gave us speed, access, and storage

What happened at Brown University?

staff and faculty stole campus newspapers due to a certain ad, censoring the students and the advertisers

What is included in the advent of post-intellectualism
  • ignorance

  • dumbth

  • establishmentism

  • specialization

What percentage of people are “voracious readers”


Personal resistance

what is pulling us back to what Hunt calls a “pagan past'“

Resistance at home

culture wars against domestic tranquility

working long house

Resistance at church

the word as the final authority and practice

Resistance at School

do not Surrender to the binary bullies