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what is breaking down, the substance the enzyme acts upon
they only work with particular substrates, they are not interchangeable
Substrate specific
the location where substrates and enzymes attach
Active site
help to speed up reactions, example of an enzyme
the amount of energy needed to trigger the formation of new bonds
activation energy
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the substrate is able to interact with the enzyme due to its polarity and shape
Induced fit model
enzyme substrate complex, when the substrate binds at the site
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the shape can change
if there is a mutation
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change in temperature, or change in ph, they can be repaired as long as their primary structure stays intact, they can slow down the body
how can you change an enzyme
change in the shape (specifically the active site), when the active site changes shape the specific substrate doesn't fit
2 active sites, Activator→ binds and induces an ACTIVE form, Inhibitor → binds and induces an INACTIVE form
allosteric enzymes
the end products of a reaction act as inhibitors (aka a negative feedback loop)
feedback inhibition
a molecule mimics the substrate and occupies the active site, the reaction cannot proceed
competitive inhibition
a molecule binds somewhere that is NOT the active site, a change in shape still occurs and the reaction does not happen
noncompetitive inhibitor
an enzyme allows more substrates to bind after the first one has bound, the enzyme must have 2+ subunits for this to occur
when the substrate binds at the active site
enzyme substrate complex
how acidic something is
pH scale
high concentration of hydrogen (H+) ions
acids have a
high concentration of hydroxide (OH-) ions
bases have a
the process of forming ions, separating the ions from each other, charging the ions, splitting up the ionic bond
neutral (7)
water is
acidity =
alkalinity/alkaline =
because when you look at the chemical formula there is a high concentration of H+ ions
why would something be an acid
because the chemical formula there is a high concentration of OH- ions
why would something be a base
enzymes end in