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aberration (n)
- a deviation, an abnormality
abstinence (n)
- the giving up of pleasures, sobriety
abstract (adj)
- conceptual, theoretical, not concrete
acquiesce (v)
- to accept, to give in
admonish (v)
- to warn, to scold, to reprimand
advocate (v)
- to encourage, to endorse, to support
aesthetic (adj)
- artistic, appreciative of art and beauty
affinity (n)
- a natural connection, an attraction
alienate (v)
- to estrange, to turn someone off
aloof (adj)
- detached, withdrawn, uninvolved
altruistic (adj)
- charitable, concerned for others
ambiguous (adj)
- unclear, confusing, having several interpretations
ambivalent (adj)
- unsure, undecided, uncertain
ameliorate (v)
- to improve, to make better
analogous (adj)
- similar to, comparable to
animosity (n)
- hostility, ill will, dislike
anonymity (n)
-being nameless, being unknown
antithesis (n)
-the complete opposite
arduous (adj)
- physically taxing, strenuous
articulate (adj)
- able to speak well, eloquent
assuage (v)
- to relieve, to calm, to soothe
atrophy (v)
- to degenerate, to waste away
austere (adj)
- bleak, stern, strict, grim
authoritarian (adj)
- domineering, dictatorial
autonomy (n)
- independence