Sephardic Diaspora: Short Answer & Historical concepts

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Name 3 places where Sephardic Jews settled after the Expulsion from Spain
New Amsterdam, Mexico City, Lima, Recife, Tangiers, London, Amsterdam, Rhodes, Algiers, Merseille, Italy, London
What was the role of religion in Medieval Society?
1. Influenced laws set by monrachy. 2. Determined one's place in society. 3. Controlled what ideas were considered acceptable.
Historical Significance
Examples: -Spinoza's idea are significant because they will become popular during the Enlightenment. -Lurianic Kabbalah is significant because it would lead to Shabbatai Tzvi claiming to be the messiah.
Historical Evidence/ Primary Sources
Example: We read the excommunication order for Baruch Spinoza.
Continuity & Change
Examples: -We again saw the trend that when there is great suffering, people look to the Messiah for help. -We saw that when a new idea comes before people are ready for it, it will not be tolerated, as with Baruch Spinoza. -We saw a change when the printing press was invented and the Shulchan Aruch became more easily available.
Cause & Effect
Examples: -Spinoza's ideas lead to him being excommunicated. -The invention of the printing press led to the popularity of the Shulchan Aruch -According to Rabbi Luria, the explosion of the vessels of divine light led to sin.
Historical Imagination
Example: Mrs. Rogozen read the Expulsion Act for Spinoza dramatically so that we could feel how it felt to hear it.
Historical Judgements
Examples: -I agree (or don't agree) with Spinoza that we should act based only on reason. -I agree (or don't agree) with the rabbis that Spinoza should be excommunicated. -I find (or don't find) Rabbi Luria's explanation of our purpose in the world to be personally impactful.